How future homes will be designed in the post COVID 19 pandemic era?

Home architecture and interior design are being reimagined considering the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Read on to know how future homes can look like.
Home Decor,future home designs,post pandemic interiors,post pandemic home decorHow future homes will be designed in the post COVID 19 pandemic era?

This is definitely the first time in the history that home architecture and interior design are being reimagined in retort to an amplified consideration of the ongoing pandemic situation. Comprehending the current situation, it is difficult not to pay more attention to our physical kingdom given the fact so many of us are shielding within the confines of our homes. With almost all the industries bracing with the harsh impacts of COVID 19, anecdotally, the domain of home design and improvement has been ceaselessly flourishing. 

The speedy transmission of the global crises has led many in the design and architecture community, to re-evaluate and take note of what it might mean to design and strategize for a world that will surely never be quite the same again, especially when it comes to home interiors. This is because the pandemic has already been redesigning our ideas of home to underscore the prime aspects of hygiene and wellness coupled with an efficient work/life balance.

Highlight on important facets
This unescapable hunkering down at home has resulted in architects and interior designers to focus on a wide range of design aspects that highlight on important facets like self-sufficiency, elasticity, ecological balance along with giving paramount importance to health, wellness, and sanitization. The homes in the post-COVID world have to function as they have never before. Considerate and thoughtful plans, quality of craft, and multifunctional spaces are the forerunners of a novel era in design. 

This multi-functionality will probably outspread to outdoor spaces, too. In the past couple of months, there has been a massive movement towards semi-private exterior spaces, especially in metropolitan cities, where-in this is slowly becoming a widespread norm. In this new pandemic era, probable home buyers are going to be scouting for more of those amenity spaces because they enable you to socialize with a more organized and controlled group, thus allowing you to adhere to social distancing norms.

The separation between indoors and outdoors is more significant now than ever and studies conducted reveal that the human mindset will have a grave impact on home design in the post-pandemic phase. The modern-day futuristic homes designed for the post-COVID consumers will be equipped with mudrooms being armed with a bathroom, shower, and dryer in order to enable complete desensitization the moment one enters the house. Back entrances which were not given much precedence as a design element is all set to grow moving forward. 

Wellness qualities
Indeed, the notion of a discrete barrier between the external and internal may essentially alter the way we approach entering our own and other people's homes too. Interior designers are also focused on designing a more sterile-looking environment to cater to the modern-day wary consumer. Necessary wellness qualities are even more significant for acclimatizing to a post-coronavirus environment. This will include integrating more of air filtration systems for the intake of fresh air, natural light, natural ventilation, a fine assembly to green spaces, and open landscape. 

Maintainable and resilient infrastructure
This catastrophe also highlights the importance of capitalizing in maintainable and resilient infrastructure, thus indicating a latent upsurge in built-in amenities comprising of more pantry space and storage. The fascination with the hearth aesthetics amalgamated with health will endure predominating in the new era.

Home Office
With work from home the new mantra during the pandemic times, the home office trend which had lost its charm seems to be returning back. With the very uncertainty of these times, there has been an amplified demand in flexible-spaces that can be modified for diverse requirements.

Besides being used for home offices, these spaces can also be utilized for homeschooling which is also the need-of-the-hour during unpredictable times such as these. Small-size apartments that can't essentially contain a built-in office or home-schooling station, can opt for larger bedrooms, which can be doubled up.

The pandemic is surely making us do the things that needed to be done a long time ago. Hence, while looking forward from this time of great ambiguity, let's find hope in the leeway of starting fresh with well-designed homes that speak volumes of a renewed gratefulness for well-being, thus making homes a better place to live in.

By Mr. Hemil Parikh, Founder, Elysium Abodes LLP.

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