How to have good feng shui in the office to increase productivity

Feng Shui is used to bring prosperity and positivity to a place. Read on to know how you can have good feng shui in your office.
positivity,feng shui,Decor Techniques How to have good feng shui in the office to increase productivity
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The ancient Chinese practice Feng Shui has gone mainstream with more people becoming interested in the technique. It is more than just a decorative style, it is a way to bring positivity and productivity in your house. Both a science and an art, feng shui incorporates some ancient spatial laws which are all about energy and attraction. 

At first, it might seem a little abstract, but as you dig in deeper, you will understand that the practice is based upon some common and simple ways to make your living space healthier and positive. Integrating feng shui in your office can help you create a more vibrant and successful environment. Regardless of where your office is located, this Chinese practice can help get the desired energy you want. However, you should always consult a professional for the same as doing it wrong can also have a negative impact. 

Here are some tips to have good feng shui in your office. 

1. If you have your back to the door, your energy might get weak. You should try placing a lush plant behind your seating area or repositioning your office chair so your back faces the wall. 

2. You need to find the feng shui commanding position to keep the energy stronger and more protected. You can do this by repositioning the furniture and see what works best for you. 

3. The attacking energy known as Sha Chi can weaken your energy. Try to reposition your furniture so that no sharp angles are pointing at you while you work. Or you can place some items in front of the sharp corners to neutralize the energy. 

4. You can add some art pieces or anything that goes well with your office space that brings back happy memories to help create positive personal energy. This can help you be more productive. 

5. Only include items that you need on your desk. Get rid of the clutter and let it breathe a little. A decluttered space means a decluttered mind. 

6. Bring in some fresh, natural energy with plants in your office. Not only will it make it look pretty, but it will also purify the air. It will help create good feng shui in your office. 

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