How to rejuvenate your work environment with a beautiful work from home space

The pandemic has got us locked up in our homes, working long hours in PJs at home. So, project architecture and executive director at Meta-Arch, Rutuja Rode, shares with us a few tips on how to renew our work from home space and make it come alive.
work from home How to rejuvenate your work from home space
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It all about putting a beach background for that video call. With everything already being a moment of test and being patient, we want to hide those laundry bags or those messy sheets lying around in the house for the next Zoom Meeting, don’t we? Work from home, they said. Little did our cats care.

The first thing that an office space serves that a home does not is dedicated administration of things in an organised fashion in our day to day work lives. However, as humans, we can only adjust and adapt. Let us look at ways to improvise our work from home space to enhance our focusing levels.

Most jobs involve the usage of a computer, a laptop or a tablet. First and foremost, you would require an uninterrupted free area of 4’-5’ in length and 2’-3’ in width. This allows you to comfortably work around with a device and a notepad if required. Along with that, you need a handy storage area for all your stationery and productivity enhancing materials. Keep in mind that in this case, less is always more if every item has a dedicated space. Avoid cluttering and stay minimalist when it comes to your desk arrangement.

With this desk, you need a highly ergonomic chair. It is not necessary that you pull in an office style chair, but find something that allows your body to be comfortable and in the appropriate postures at all times. I personally prefer a chair with no armrests because I love sitting cross-legged on the chair with a fairly uptight back.

Next and the most important feature is lighting. Ideally, you should be able to look out from a window. Avoid backing the window as the glare from the sun will hit your device screen. It is preferable to sit in a parallel alignment to the opening so that light can come in from the sides and enhance your space. To support, you can use a comfortable desk lamp that you may want to use from time to time.

As supporting features, one may look at having writable surfaces and pin-up boards to write or paste important task lists, remember notes, schedules, etc. A trending element these days is the magnetic glass boards that one can write on and clean as well as use magnetic pins to stick papers.

It has been observed that people are spending long hours working from the work from home style as compared to work from the office. This is because people are largely saving time from the commute. There have to be elements that can help you take breaks and relax from time to time. So, adding indoor plants close to your desk can add great value to the feeling of being close to nature. 

Good thermal comfort is equally important. One can try adjusting their work areas in the cooler parts of the house where there is a good amount of natural breeze and ventilation in the room. 

Last, but not least, colours! Make a pallet that resonates with your personality. Try to add these colours in and around your work environment in the form of finishes, textures and fabrics.

About the author: Rutuja Rode, Project Architecture and Executive Director in META-ARCH.

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