How right bed linen choices can help you beat the heat of the season

Swapping your sheets in summers is the easiest way to beat the heat and give your bedroom a refreshed look. You may want to include a simple upgrade, rather than an entirely new set. It all depends on how you want to spruce up your room.
How right bed linen choices can help you beat the heat of the season
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As the winters are slowly fading out and summers crawling in, most of us are dreading the endless tossing and turning as the summer heat brazes through the night. If you can't find the perfect temperature for your room and your sheets make you sticky and sweaty, you're not alone. While some people naturally are hot sleepers during the night, the right bed linen choices can just about help you beat the heat of the season. 


Even though you might have bought yourself a cooling comforter for the summer, you can't miss out on the type of sheets on your bed, as it is directly in contact with your body when you sleep. While shopping for the best cooling bed sheets, understanding the type of fabric is key. Picking up sheets that are airy, breathable and have natural temperature-regulating properties should be on your checklist for the summers. Waking up in a sweat throws off your body's sleep cycle, however, the crisp, airy bedding can tackle the overheating and let you sleep soundly through the night.




A slight addition


While choosing bed covers, you should go for a lightweight cotton duvet cover (with or without the top sheet), especially if you tend to experience a hotter and sticky summer. Using a duvet cover made from cotton, silk, or any other lightweight fabric can help keep your body cool.


Choose pastel colours


Summers is all about giving your room that breezy makeover and refreshing your bedding palette. Picking out lighter colours this summer and adding in lightweight bedspreads in bright hues like white, light green, cream or sky blue adds a chic touch to the bedrooms. Bedspreads in these colours soak up less heat during the day, therefore are nice and cool when you tuck in for the night. If you go for cooling tones of white and pastels, the room space will feel lighter and soothing.


Breathe away


Choosing bed sheets for the summer is no meagre job. Different types of bedsheets can either keep hot air in or let it escape, and using one-bed sheet throughout the year may not be ideal. Fabric makes all the difference. Unlike synthetic fibres, fabrics such as cotton and linen are ultra-comfortable, breathe easily and wick away the moisture from your body, promoting healthy sleep patterns.



Thread count matters


One of the most crucial factors while getting bedsheets in summers is the thread count. It refers to the number of threads woven into each inch of fabric. Usually, soft and high-quality materials tend to have a higher thread count. The breathability of cotton sheets will depend on the weave and the thread count of the fabric. The best cooling sheets are the ones with a thread count between 250 and 300. The type of cloth itself will tell you a lot about the quality of the sheets, not only the thread count.


Essentially, changing the upholstery of your home to light, soothing hues will help a great deal in driving away from the summer blues. Play around with bed linen fabrics and shades to revamp your home decor for a glorious summer that will not fail to lift your spirits.


About the author: Saurav Gupta is the CEO of Bella Casa


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