THIS is how you can make your bedroom look more youthful and relaxed

Your bedroom is the most important room in the house. Follow these easy tips to give it a casual-chic vibe and transform it into a youngster’s den.
THIS is how you can make your bedroom look more youthful and relaxed
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The bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It is the place where you refresh, relax and rejuvenate. You spend a major part of the day there. It is only natural, to give it utmost care and attention and design it according to our taste. Be it a casual chic look or a comfy boho vibe. The room should reflect who you are and should have personalised and handpicked items. 


There are many ways to make your bedroom represent your personality and beliefs. Small and subtle touches like decor items, placing of the furniture etc can help you achieve the desired look. If you want your room to have a young, casual, laid back vibe, then follow these 5 simple steps to achieve it. 

Add a bean bag

Having a bean bag in your room will instantly give out a youthful and casually chic vibe. You can choose a quirky print in a bright colour to add a pop of colour in the room. 

Avoid heavy furniture

Give the heavy furniture such as a chest of drawers or a steel almirah a miss, and instead, invest in lighter furniture items like a futon bed or a single piece sofa.

Experiment with colours

If you don’t want your room to look boring, then play with colours like purple, yellow, blue, red etc. You can have an accent wall or just one beam painted in a bright colour instead of simply painting the entire room.

Use DIY decor

Whether it’s putting up posters or a wall hanging that you made, add easy, casual decor. You can use peel-off wallpaper on one of the walls or put up fairy lights behind your bed.

Add lots of personal touches

Put up a photo collage and mementoes in one corner of the room. Add a soft board near your study table and fill it up with your art and maybe add a bunting to give it a quirkier look.

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