Industrial vs Rustic Home Decor: What are the differences between THESE two styles?

People often get confused between industrial and rustic home décor styles as they both sometimes use similar elements. But many aspects of them can differentiate these two styles. So, Bhawana Bhatnagar, Founder, CASA Exotique, talks about their differences.
Industrial vs Rustic Home Decor: What are the differences between THESE two styles?
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Given that rustic and industrial styles of décor often use similar elements like reclaimed and distressed woods, mixed materials, and handcrafted pieces, it might be difficult for some people to distinguish between the two. So, Bhawana Bhatnagar, Founder, CASA Exotique explains the differences between the rustic style and the industrial style of décor. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

The rustic style

The word rustic means “plain and simple” and the rustic style is pretty much based on this philosophy. While there is no set definition of what one can include in the rustic style, you can be certain that as long as it is comforting, functional, plain, and simple, you are not breaking any rules. Repurposed materials are the staples of this style. You can easily find distressed and weatherworn woods in rustic decors. Besides repurposed and found objects, you would also find woven and textured fabrics and along with mixed material objects. Furniture items are often made of different materials, including woods of different grains, metal, leather, etc.

The industrial style

Found and repurposed items are an integral part of industrial décor as well, but more often than not, these are a diverse mix of factory castoffs and recycled items. While rustic décor leans more towards a feminine feel, the industrial décor leans more towards the masculine feel by utilizing darker metals, distressed woods and heavier hardware. Even though this style has an unfinished appeal, it carries within itself a touch of casual sophistication. One of the outstanding features of an industrial décor is the presence of a bold statement piece.

How can you tell the difference between the two?

Study the style in question and ask yourself the following questions. Depending upon the answer, you’ll be able to tell whether you’re dealing with rustic or industrial décor.

How to describe each of them?

If you’re seeing elements like handcrafted items, comfort, casualness, and a touch of femininity, the answer is rustic. If, however, you’re witnessing dark, heavy, and masculine elements, it is most likely industrial.

What are the most prominent colours?

If you’re noticing a base of neutral colours and subtle colours in fabrics and upholstery, you’re looking at a rustic décor. If, however, you’re observing darker, shadowy tones, you’re dealing with an industrial décor.

Which materials are most frequently visible?

Mixed materials, patterns, colours, and woods reflect a rustic décor, whereas repurposed woods, dark, aged metals and heavy hardware reflects an industrial décor.

What trinket symbolises this style?

Usually, the rustic style would involve a handcrafted element, whereas the industrial style would involve an antique item.

Differences aside, both these styles are wonderful and you should definitely try them out on a smaller scale first, to see which one you like more. Then you can expand it into other areas and change the aura of your house to your liking.

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