Inside the home of the Nehru clan, here is a glimpse of Anand-Swaraj Bhawan

Here is a glimpse at a house where it all started 70 years ago!
Inside the home of the Nehru clan, here is a glimpse of Anand-Swaraj Bhawan
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As we are approaching towards the 70th year of independence, Architectural Digest India’s July-August issue gave a glimpse of where the seeds of independence were sown. Balanced as they were on the cusp of the past and future, Anand Bhawan and Swaraj Bhawan, the two historic homes in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh speak volumes of the famous Nehru clan that resided there, and the momentous times they lived in.

Anand Bhawan (which translates to an abode of happiness) was the Nehru family’s principal home from 1929 until 1946 when Jawaharlal Nehru moved to New Delhi. The Nehrus moved to this house from the older family home—originally called Anand Bhawan—a few yards away. His father Motilal renamed the older house Swaraj Bhawan (abode of freedom) when he donated it to the Indian National Congress in 1930; it witnessed an electrifying phase of the freedom struggle, with the launch of the Civil Disobedience Movement that year. Here, nationalist leaders took momentous decisions, workers thronged the corridors, fugitives hid out and the national flag was hoisted defiantly from the roof. It was from here that patriarch Motilal, his children and grandchildren have led away, time and again, to prison. In 1970, Indira Gandhi handed over the new Anand Bhawan to a memorial trust.

Well, these pictures capture India architecture in its true sense and we absolutely love the interiors, what about you? Comment below and let us know. 

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