Just moved? Here's how to incorporate old stuff in your new house

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Just moved? Here's how to incorporate old stuff in your new house

Now that you are all packed up to move out of your old house and into your new home, you must be thinking of how to decorate it. Home décor can be a hassle, especially when you move into a new house with your old furniture. You may have certain pieces that you love and don’t want to part with, or you may have memories attached to it, which makes it difficult to give it up. Hey, we understand! 

Don’t fret if you do because we have sure-shot solutions for you that will help you incorporate old furniture into your new house. Luckily, there are a plethora of ways to adapt your old favourites to make them suit a new situation.

Here’s how you can give your existing furniture a new life of its own. 

1- Got an old dresser that doesn’t fit the interior? Instead of throwing it out, use the chest of drawers in your dining or living room like a bar or a décor table. You can paint over it so that it goes well with the new décor. Try new ways to use old things.  

2- Try mixing and matching. For instance, if you have antique pieces, they may not suit the modernised décor of the new house. The design approach you can take is to blend the old stuff with amazing new finds to bring out the charm to the vintage pieces. 

3- You can rethink the accents and décor instead of getting rid of the furniture. From your colour palette to pillows to rugs, work around what you already have. 

4- If you think that old shelving isn’t jibing with the rest of the furniture, give it a quick DIY makeover to spruce up your décor. 

5- Bring some aesthetic to your house by curating little collections. Figure out an artsy way to show off your favourite knickknacks without making them look like clutter. 

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