Leo, Virgo, Taurus, Libra: The perfect house meant for you, based on your Zodiac Sign

Everybody's dream home differs. While some prefer cottages, for others it is all about a huge beach house. Read on to know which house you should live in, based on your sun sign.
Home Decor,horoscope,zodiac sign,astrologyLeo, Virgo, Taurus, Libra: The perfect house meant for you, based on your Zodiac Sign

Everybody has their own preferences. Each sign gravitates to a different feeling of comfort and security and something they can call their own space. This especially is important if you are thinking of getting a new place or purchasing the home of your dreams. Your sun sign is the perfect guide to predict your kind of lifestyle and space you should live in. Read on to know what your dream home should look like, based on your Zodiac sign. 

Aries - Penthouse

You need a home which matches your open and adventurous spirit. Since you require a place with loads of space, there is nothing better than a modern penthouse which is where all the action is, since you have a lot of FOMO as well! 

Taurus - Victorian Mansion

You have the finest taste in the zodiac signs so it is understandable that you won't settle. You want to be surrounded by greenery but not live in the outskirts, which is why a mansion with a large garden makes total sense. You need a place with is elegant, classic, with notable details like large windows and staircases which will resonate well with your personality. 

Gemini - Mediterranean Home

You love having your space but are a social butterfly at the same time. This home is perfect for both of your personalities as it helps you be fun and have your alone time at the same time. It will bounce off perfectly for both your personalities. 

Cancer - Cosy Cottage

You are the most compassionate and caring of all the signs and love to make people feel at home. What better than a cute little cottage for that? At the same time, it is the perfect place for you to unwind in, after a long day at work since it gives you all the privacy you need. 

Leo - Castle

You want a house which is as powerful and magnanimous as you wish to be. You love being the talk of the town, the centre of attraction and living in a place which is sure to turn heads and host the best parties in town!

Virgo - Townhouse

Since you are practical and efficient, you require a house which will radiate these things. A modern townhouse with clean white walls, large windows, excellent architecture with a futuristic finish is just perfect for you. 

Libra - Beach House

The social butterfly of the star signs, you want a place which is posh and makes for the best place to host lavish parties and gatherings. And what better than a house with a sandy backyard for this kind of gathering?

Scorpio - Woody Cabin

You are quite the mysterious person and extremely private, which is why a cabin in the woods is perfect for you. You will also get to customise it as per your taste - simple or luxurious. You also get to escape the outside world and live in your happy and fun shell without worrying about people prying on you constantly.

Sagittarius - Caravan/ Portable Home

You need a home that suits your wanderlust. You love adventure and travel and need a simple space which can accommodate your travel needs. What better than a caravan? Since you aren't too particular about the style or size, nothing seems as perfect as a home on wheels for you. 

Capricorn - Apartment

You are always itching to be in the centre of where all the action takes place. You like to be close to your work place, can move when you need, and get to see the entire world move past your space. Plus, apartments tend to have a similar structure to what you have and need in your life. 

Aquarius - French House

You need a space which is airy, has a lot of light and is modern and beautiful at the same time while being minimal. Nothing better than a French style home for you then! The large windows and doors with lots of white and cleanliness will awaken your creative spirit and suit your personality well. 

Pisces - River Cottage

Considering your connection with water, there is no better place than by the river for you to live. It will help you channel your energy, foster your creative spirit and make for the perfect place to recharge after a day at work. 

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