Make your home look GLAMOROUS and FESTIVE with these fun New Year's Eve decor ideas

Since mostly all of us will be spending New Year’s Eve at home, why not decorate it and make it look colourful and festive to celebrate the last day of the year in style.
Make your home look GLAMOROUS and FESTIVE with these fun New Year's Eve decor ideas
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The last day of the year will be needless to say, a little different this time due to the ongoing pandemic. Most of us, instead of partying in the fanciest clothes and places possible, will be in our pyjamas, sitting on the couch in front of the idiot box. While it may sound damp squib, being at home, away from the crowds is probably the best and the wisest thing to do in the current situation.

Sure you can’t meet your friends or dance on the table after five drinks, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun while being at home on New Year’s Eve, and since you’ll be spending the New Year’s Eve at home, it is only right to decorate every corner of your home to add glitz and glamour to your humble abode and get the festive spirit on! So here are fun and festive ideas to decorate your home in style for welcoming the much-awaited 2021.

Black and gold theme

The most festive theme of all, the combination of black and gold makes everything look festive and spells grandeur. Decorate your dining table in this theme, by putting a sparkly gold tablecloth and black cutlery to have the very last meal of the year, in style.



Take out all your frustrations and anger of 2020 and its circumstances by hitting the pinata and welcome 2021 with new hope and positivity. You can fill the pinata with anything you like and take turns to hit the pinata and have a laugh with your loved ones.


What better way to ring in the New Year than popping a confetti popper. Any celebration is incomplete without a burst of confetti. So, buy those party poppers and confetti-filled balloons and burst them as soon as the clock strikes twelve. 

Fairy lights

Make your home look dreamy and festive by decorating the walls, the centre table or any corner that you like, with fairy lights. You can also make a bundle of these lights and put them in a transparent bottle to make it into an interesting centrepiece.

Photo booth

Click fun pictures with your loved ones by setting up a photo booth in your house. You can add some exciting props like 2021 goggles or quirky speech bubbles to indulge in making memories with your family on the last day of the year!

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