Modern home décor products to make your home warm, welcoming and comfy!

Updated on Jul 08, 2021 12:57 PM IST  |  351.5K
Modern home décor products to make your home warm, welcoming and comfy!
Modern home décor products to make your home warm, welcoming and comfy!

As we gradually adjust to the new normal, we have started to step out and get on with our lives. Hectic schedules, office stress, huge workloads and commuting to-and-fro everyday undoubtedly takes a toll on us. After a long, stressful day, who doesn’t like coming back to a warm and cosy home? Our homes have been serving as multi-purpose spaces for a good part of the previous year - it is now our responsibility to upgrade them as welcoming spaces to come back to. How can you do that and organically uplift your spirits?

For that reason, home décor and interior design trends in 2021 have shifted to a familiar yet modern ‘grandma aesthetic’ which essentially means incorporating vintage elements stylised for modern appeal and having a connect with nature. With the paradigm shift towards comfort as a priority also getting translated into home interiors, you must realize that a comfortable vibe has to be created, and there are several ways to do that. Always remember – there are 7 elements for good interior design, which include space, line, light, shape, colour, pattern and texture.

This means that to create an ambient space, you must pay attention to the colours and textures you incorporate, apart from the obvious elements like soft and comfortable furniture, plush upholstery, spacious layouts, and the likes. You should stick to wood furnishings, warm tones, neutrals and a general theme for your home. Unless you are artistic like that, you should keep away from high contrast elements in your house for maximum ambience. How do you do that easily while not changing your house entirely?

Read on to discover modern home décor products that you should invest in today to bring about subtle yet significant changes to the holistic aura of your space, and make your house a home!

1. Belize Glass Modern Vase

The translucent blush tint and gold foil textures complement each other perfectly, and will give your home a soft and youthful touch!


₹ 995.00 – Buy Now.


2. Groot Bamboo Oval Vase

This vase is in the colour Champaign, which is truly refreshing and soothing to the eyes. It gives off positive energies, and with light coloured flowers in it, can make the entire room a joy to be in!


₹ 1,395.00 – Buy Now.

3. Crimson Polyester Cymbidium Flower

Everybody loves indoor plants, but we all know they can be a hassle to maintain. If you find yourself never being able to sustain even a bonsai or cactus, do not worry, you can still incorporate foliage in your interior design. Invest in absolutely realistic polyester flowers today! The cymbidium flower symbolises purity and virtuousness, which is why even its artificial version is perfect for homes!


₹ 295.00 – Buy Now.


4. Impression Polyresin Fountain

Fountains are great additions to homes because they naturally and adequately humidify the room, and the sound of running water helps keep you relaxed. This one in particular is made of grey stone with golden luminous accents, which is perfectly modern as well!


₹ 1,490.00 – Buy Now.

5. Naqsh Polyresin Monk Figurines – Set of 3

It is no secret that laughing buddha figurines are home décor essentials to maintain the positive vibes and prosperity of the household according to Vaastu Shastra. These 3 golden figurines are stylised laughing buddhas also simultaneously representing Gandhi’s ideology as well. They look cute, are great for the aura and will work perfectly with your warm toned theme and ambient lighting!


₹ 1,495.00 – Buy Now.

6. Meira Glass Floating Candle Holder

Tea light candles make for great peaceful or even romantic atmospheres. Their floating versions can be even more relaxing! This transparent glass holder lets you enjoy them in their full beauty and works well with every kind of aesthetic and theme!


₹ 295.00 – Buy Now.

7. Aruba Metal Candle Holder

You really can’t go wrong with bronzy metallic accessories for your home! This is very uniquely designed and modern tea light or artificial candle holder to elevate the ambient vibes in your house in style!


₹ 695.00 – Buy Now.


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