The ONE thing you need to stop blaming yourself for to lead a happier life based on your zodiac sign

As life goes on and things get bad, we tend to turn the blame inwards and believe that we "should have known better". Here is what you need to stop blaming yourself for right away. 
The ONE thing you need to stop blaming yourself for to lead a happier life based on your zodiac signThe ONE thing you need to stop blaming yourself for to lead a happier life based on your zodiac sign
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In life, there are always ups and downs. During the lows, it is common to put the blame either on oneself or others because you don't know where else to put it or who else to blame. When the blame is internalised, it not only tends to mess with the mind and further make the situation worse. While it is okay to go back and rethink situations, here is what you should not blame yourself for under any circumstance, based on your zodiac sign. 


The trauma you experienced in the past is not your fault, Aries. You didn't bring it upon yourself and it is about time you stop internalising it and putting the blame on yourself. 


Your heartbreak is not your fault, Taurus. You could not have convinced them to love you back or stay. Their feelings are not your fault. 


The mistakes you made years ago are not something you should keep pondering on or dwell on. There is nothing you can do about it now and instead of dwelling on the past, you should look towards the future. 


Your feelings are valid. You cannot keep blaming yourself for feeling everything so strongly. You are not being overdramatic and should not feel bad about feeling things so strongly. 


You are not falling behind in life just because you aren't at par with your friends or peer group, Leo. You don't need to follow a specific timeline for everything and can actually move at your own pace. There is no need to blame yourself because you are not falling short of other's expectations. 


Everything bad that happens to you is not karma. Sometimes bad things just happen and there is nothing one can do about it. 


Sometimes, you can't control everything in life. You need to accept that many things are out of your hands and actually have nothing to do with you. Everything bad that happens to you, could not have been controlled or changed by you. 


Yes, you have fallen for the wrong person multiple times but that's no reason for you to blame yourself. You have plenty of time left to spend with the right person when they do come along. 


You are different from others and that is not a bad thing at all! There is no reason that you need to blame yourself for being unique. Stay true and authentic to yourself. 


You are not your failures and it is about time you stop blaming yourself for them. Everybody falls short from time to time and that does not mean you are a failure yourself. 


It is not your fault that you trusted the wrong person. It is infact a good thing that you saw the best in them. The fact that they betrayed you speaks volumes about them rather than you. 


You cannot control the actions of other people. No matter how much you advice them, they need to make their own decisions. If they make a mistake while doing so, it is not your fault. Stop blaming yourself for the mistakes that other people make. 

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