Pandemic Positivity: 4 DIY rainbow decor ideas

Rainbow decor is a great way to add a pop of colour to your abode and indulge in the joy that colours bring. Check out these creative rainbow decor ideas and try them to perk up your space.
Pandemic Positivity: 4 DIY rainbow decor ideas Pandemic Positivity: 4 DIY rainbow decor ideas
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There is a significant increase in the level of stress and anxiety because of the pandemic and we are in a constant state of panic and anxiety. At such times, it becomes increasingly essential for us to take a break from the gloominess and to surround ourselves with positive things that bring joy. This will not only help in improving our mood but will also help in keeping our mental health in check.

When it comes to rainbows, there is no one that doesn’t get happy and excited after seeing those pretty colours! Rainbows have the power in them to bring a smile on people’s faces. So indulge in some DIY rainbow decor ideas to pep up your surroundings and boost your mood.

Rainbow library


This rainbow decor idea doesn’t require any paint or scissors or craft papers. It is probably the easiest way to add some colour to your living room in a jiffy. All you have to do is take out all the books you have and arrange them colour-wise. Keep the blue books together followed by green, yellow and orange and red.  


Rainbow wall decor


This easy-to-make wall decor can be made with the help of some wire, scissors and ribbons. All you have to do is give any shape that you like to the wire, be it a heart, a circle or a diamond and stick multi-coloured ribbons at the bottom of it. Use ribbons of different colours to add a pop of colour to your wall. 



Rainbow utensils


Do you want to add some rainbow magic in your kitchen too? Then simply take your favourite wooden utensils like a spatula, a spoon, etc. and dip the bottom half of it in paint. Paint every utensil in a different colour and enjoy their perked up versions!


Rainbow mason jars


Mason jars are easy to paint and can be used as pen stands. Simply take 3-4 mason jars and paint them in bright colours. You can also paint one mason jar in 2-3 different colours to add some wackiness! Once the paint has dried, discard their lids and put your stationery in the jars. 


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