Pandemic Productivity: 4 budget friendly ideas to decorate your home office

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 10:41 AM IST  |  172.8K
Pandemic Productivity: 4 budget friendly ideas to decorate your home office

Are you perpetually working from home and are tired of your surroundings? Do you dread sitting in that same old dreary space? Then it is time for you to give your home office a much-needed makeover! By makeover, we don’t mean going over the top and buying new things but simply rearranging your existing stuff to give your space a fresh vibe.


Yes, you can revamp your work from home space without burning a hole in your pocket. Have a look at some simple ways by which you can give your home office a new look. 

Connect your laptop to a monitor


Working on the small screen of a laptop can be quite tedious after a point. So take out that old monitor of yours that has been gathering dust, and connect it to your laptop for a convenient work from home setup.


Add floating shelves


Floating shelves are pretty easily available these days and are pretty cheap too! So buy 1-2 floating shelves and get them hanged on your wall to increase your storage space and add some character to the wall.


Change the pen stands


Sometimes changing as basic as pen stands, can instantly brighten up your home office and give it a fresh vibe. So discard those old dusty pen stands and buy new ones, or even better make them on your own by painting an old mug!



Hang a whiteboard


Work from home often requires a convenient setup for you wherein you can write your daily tasks somewhere to keep track. So hang a whiteboard on your wall to be more productive, organised and efficient while working from home.


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