Pandemic Productivity: 4 Creative ideas to decorate a cork board

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Pandemic Productivity: 4 Creative ideas to decorate a corkboard
Pandemic Productivity: 4 Creative ideas to decorate a cork board

Your bedroom should be decorated in such a way that it reflects your personality. From the colour of the walls to the adornments, they should be decorated according to your taste and style. An important aspect of your bedroom is the cork board. Almost every room has a cork board, and if your room doesn’t have one, then you should definitely get it.


Having a cork board helps you depict your ideas and interests in an easy and fun way. From attaching pictures of you and your best friends to decorating it by keeping a theme in mind, there are many fun ways in which you can decorate a cork board. Have a look at 4 such creative ways to fill it up.


1. Take a polaroid camera and start filling your cork board with your favourite pictures. You can turn it into a memories board by scribbling the date of the day when the picture was taken. Simply attach the pictures with thumb pins and make a collage. 


2. Why limit the collage to only polaroids? Search for some inspirational and motivational quotes, sassy designs and some postcards that match your taste and include them in your cork board collage. 


3. Think of a theme for the cork board. Some ideas for themes include a Parisian theme, emo theme, vision board or a ‘track your fitness journey’ themed cork board. Follow this theme and accordingly add planners, artsy cutouts, postcards, pictures, etc.


4. Turn it into a ‘daily tasks’ board. This particular idea is great for those who are working from home, as they can easily keep track of their daily tasks, assignments and other work. You can add post-its on it to scribble important tasks, a daily planner, a mini whiteboard and a small collage of motivational quotes to help you stay productive throughout the day.


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