Pandemic Productivity: 4 Ways to brighten up those boring photo frames

Updated on May 20, 2021 10:04 AM IST  |  295.9K
Pandemic Productivity: 4 Ways to brighten up those boring photo frames
Pandemic Productivity: 4 Ways to brighten up those boring photo frames

Decorating stuff is always fun. From rooms to accessories, a little sparkle and a little colour can do wonders. One such thing is photo frames. They are easy to decorate and can hold countless memories in them to remind us of the beautiful moments and people in our lives. Photo frames are something that adorns the walls of every bedroom.

Most photo frames come in a dull brown or black colour and can thus, make even the photos in them look dull and drab. Adding a pop of colour to photo frames is easy and incredibly fun. So check out these 4 ways to revamp your photo frames and pep them up real quick.


Add candlesticks

Candlesticks or candle holders are something that we all have in our living/dining rooms. They look classy and elegant and are thus, perfect to decorate the photo frames with. Simply paint the candlestick in a bright colour and stick it to the bottom of the photo frame with the help of a glue gun.

Stick glass gems

Sticking glass gems is probably the easiest way to quickly make a photo frame look stylish and fancy. All you have to do is stick a handful of gems on the photo frame close to each other and spray paint them in a bright and vibrant colour.


Use those popsicles

When you are done with your ice cream you often don’t know what to do with the popsicle stick and throw it away. But instead of throwing them away, you can collect them and paint them in some quirky patterns. Once painted, you can stick them on your boring and dull photo frames to instantly perk them up!

Washi tape to the rescue

Washi tapes come in fun and colourful patterns and can easily be used to decorate anything. So buy those rolls and stick them on your photo frames to give them a makeover. You can also use a different kind of washi tape on every corner of the frame to add some detailing. 

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