Pandemic Productivity: Revamp your bathroom with these clever and budget friendly ideas

Updated on May 27, 2021 10:02 AM IST  |  283.1K
Pandemic Productivity: bathroom makeover ideas
Pandemic Productivity: Revamp your bathroom with these clever and budget friendly ideas

Who says that your bathroom has to be utilitarian and tired looking? Sure the bathroom isn’t the first place that comes to your mind when you think of giving your abode a makeover, but it should definitely be on your list when you redo your house. Most bathrooms are boring, dull and drab. They don’t really have any personal touches and tend to look pretty basic.


Since the pandemic and the lockdown has given you the gift of time, you can utilise it by redoing your bathroom and giving it some love and care! So we have some cool ideas to revamp your bathroom and decorate it like never before!


Hang framed posters


The walls of the bathroom are probably the most neglected area. There is so much that you can hang on the walls from framed posters to waterproof wall decor. Get some fun and humorous posters framed that match the whole vibe of your bathroom and hang them on the walls to add a bit of character. 


Add artificial plants


Since the bathroom is usually not very well ventilated and can get excessively humid, it is best to go for artificial plants instead of real ones, when trying to add some greenery to the space. Opt for colourful and bright plants and put them in a fancy pot to make your bathroom look polished and elegant. 




Have a colour scheme


Don’t stick to the done to death colour scheme of grey and cream for your bathroom and play and experiment with some bold colours like blue, pink, purple or green. Colour coordinate things like towels, accessories and wallpaper to make your bathroom look vibrant. 


Quirky shower curtain


Adding a quirky and fun shower curtain is a great way to instantly add a pop of colour to your bathroom. Shower curtains come in a variety of patterns and prints and you can choose one that goes with the colour scheme of your bathroom.


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