Pandemic Productivity: Try these budget friendly hacks to pep up the playroom

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Pandemic Productivity: Try these budget friendly hacks to pep up the playroom

The playroom is undoubtedly one of the messiest places of the house. It is the place where there are no restrictions or rules for your child and they can go absolutely berserk while playing their favourite game! While being messy, it is always the most fun place in the house as it is the place where the crafts, toys, games, blanket forts, etc reside!


It is the place where you can be a child again and forget all your troubles while reading your favourite book in the blanket fort! Every playroom requires a makeover every now and then to give it a fresh look and update it according to the age-specific interests of your child. So we have for you 4 clever ideas to revamp your playroom and create a space that is perfect for your growing up child.



Update the games


Your child is growing up now and they will no longer giggle away to glory by riding on that rocking horse. As they grow up, their likes and interests evolve. So incorporate board games and other such indoor games according to the age of your child to update the playroom and make it age-specific.


Add your favourite games too


Who says a playroom is just for children? You too can spend your free time there and relive your childhood. You can even incorporate games that you like so that it becomes an adult-friendly playroom.

Use chalkboard wallpaper


A playroom is a place where your child can freely express themselves, even if it is on the walls! To let your child’s creativity run free, use chalkboard wallpaper on the walls so that your child can write, scribble and doodle to their heart’s content!


Create a theme


Be it, Disney or Marvel, create a theme for the playroom according to your child’s liking. This will make your job of decorating the space easier as you can stick to a theme while looking for wall decor and other elements for the room.


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