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Personalise your Diwali decorations with THESE quick DIY candles

Make your house the talk of the neighbourhood with beautiful handmade candles.
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When it comes to diyas and candles, the options available in markets are endless. Nonetheless it seems that every house in the neighbourhood looks the same! If you are looking to amp up your Diwali decorations this year, you can do so by crafting some easy to make DIY candles. These candles are beautiful, environmentally friendly, cheap, organic and if properly preserved can be used for the next year as well. These candles only take a matter of minutes to make and bring out the artistic side in you. Follow these simple DIY candle making techniques to make your house stand out this festive season!

Coconut shell candles


We often toss out coconut shell thinking of them as waste. Put scraped out coconut shells to use as candles or candle holders! Dry the coconut shells properly and fill it with melted wax and a wick. You can decorate the shell by tying a colored jute rope across the perimeter of the shell. If you don’t have wax at hand, simply fill the shells with oil and a wick. Your homemade diya is ready!



Seashell candles


All of us love to collect seashells whenever we visit a beach. Have you ever wondered how else can these seashells be put to use other than us souvenirs? Flat or concave seashells can be turned into tiny diyas. Melt some wax and pour it into the seashells, and as the wax starts to solidify, place a wick in them. That’s it, your DIY seashell tea light diyas are ready!



Atta diyas


Atta isn’t used to just make roti, not anymore! Knead the atta into a dough with some water and baking soda. Shape the dough into diyas and microwave them for a while but make sure the the diyas don’t crack. Once out of the microwave, let the diyas sun dry for a few hours. Paint the diyas for some added jazz. Your homemade atta diyas are ready!



Jack-o-lantern diyas


Who said only Halloween is all about pumpkins? Carve out a small pumpkin in whatever shape you want. Make sure you scrape out the pumpkin completely clean. Dry the pumpkin for a few hours in the sun. Once that isdone, place small tea light candles inside the hollowed out pumpkin. Paint the outer portion or let it be. Your home pumpkin candle holder is ready and looks absolutely amazing!

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