Priyanka Chopra’s New York apartment is a legit dream; here are all the INSIDE photos from her house

Pay attention to all these photos as this is most likely the closest that you’re ever going to get to her abode
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Priyanka Chopra is truly on a mission of global domination and has been living a life that most of us dream of. While she is truly our desi girl, Priyanka now has an additional address added to her enviable property list. This actress has a delicious (quite literally) and luxurious apartment in NYC. New York Post Article recently shared images from PeeCee’s paradise and it was truly a delight to watch!


This former Miss World has constantly been reinventing herself and her fashion and at the same time embodying all the World’s confidence and converting it into positivity. Don’t you just explode with a smile when you see her beaming or feel humbled when you see her pose with her hands folded in ‘Namaste’ be it in India or abroad? Well, that’s her charm. Her street style game has laddered up to another level. Be it her bold monotone layered outfit (didn’t we all just go mad after seeing it?), her collection of matrix sunglasses, her out-of-the-bed look, her experimental makeup or just her “I’m the boss” attitude; Priyanka Sassy Chopra is on a major roll.


During the filming of her ABC show, Quantico, Chopra stayed at 30 Park Place, 82 storey, Four Seasons Private Residences, New York. According to the article, a two-bedroom apartment costs Rs.30 crores, while a three-bedroom penthouse costs a whopping Rs. 200 crores. Although, Priyanka on numerous occasions shared images from her abode on Instagram, they never really gave us a clear view. However, here are some inside photos from her fancy apartment and we suggest you look at these carefully as this is the closest that you’ll get to her apartment. Check it out!


1. Exterior view of Priyanka Chopra's New York Home



2. Lobby area of her plush apartment




3. View of the living area



4. Her apartment's bathroom view




5. Dining area view of her abode



We are completely bowled over. Did you like her paradise? Comment below and let us know. 

This Day That Year


Those are renderings! My company did the interior design for the building. That is one of the penthouses. Hmm! It seems like a lot of people are broken records about things they don't know, understand or is apart of. hearsay is the determent of the human psyche. I said what I said.

PV means to say PC bought this entire building in the prime location of New York with the kind of money she earns - that which seasoned Hollywood star's cant afford??

She didn’t buy the building. She has an apartment in it.

this isn't her house. wrong picture pv.

Do post. stop with false news.

Rubbish, new york does not have an apartment as spacious as this. Even Trump's elegant Penthouse is not as large. FAKE NEW ITEM

Does SRK pay for this?


Um, that's just not true... while filming Quantico, she was staying at The Legacy at 157 East 84th St. The condo is even featured on the interview she did with Anupama Chopra last year. While it's a great condo, it's not what anyone would consider "luxurious" by celeb standards at least.

She moved. 30 Park where she lives now. She has an apartment in this building

Well done Ms.Chopra. The grand piano caught my eye.
I like it , looks like a home rather than a museum.

does she know to play piano/ or is it just show piece?

she is for the poor/under privileged children, shows up once in a while in some charity event, goes back to her luxury pad in New York. great story line for a Bollywood movie.

You mean to say if I work for cancer patients I should live in a hospital and prepare to die as other people are dying.She spends money on poor people and she lives a lavish life.She is loaded don’t be jealous!!She can do both,she does not need to help.

How would she be able to afford this in the long run? I mean she is not the Most sought after right now whether in Bollywood nor in Hollywood.... Just saying.

celebrities always waste money on useless stuff. anyway, if i was a rich person.. half of my wealth will be given to the poors. i don't desire expensive clothes, perfumes or homes as long i am living in a nice place and can afford delicious food.

It's their money not yours they can do what ever they want with their money. Till you make the millions then we will know whats up.

PV please post.

Giving to the poor has nothing to do with wealth, you can earn a decent living and still help someone in need. Bill Gates has donated 99% of his wealth but still lives in a mansion and owns expensive things, does that make him a bad person? Why must we always judge people on their choices, she has earned with her hard work and does donated and helps organizations and people in need. She sponsors education for underprivileged girls in India and has supported UNICEFF for more than 10 years, this is more than many rich people in the world do.

Completely a lie. She only uses Unicef for staying in the news. Even the fake liking of your own comment will not

Mind you a lot of celebrities have ties with the UNICEF, Amir Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Sharmila Tagore, Shahrukh Khan are all UNICEF ambassadors, so they too are liars, you are sick. How do you know it's a lie, do you live with PC, are you her closest confidant, Katrina does a lot of charity work through her mother, Salman a long time ago built a water facility for the people in the town where he has his farm house, you people are very mean spirited, I would not be surprised if you one of you haters come up with a lie that this lady is a witch, hating someone you don't know says a lot about a person if you spend years hating someone you don't know and does not even know you shows that there is something is inherently wrong with you. Jeeezzzzz !!!!!!!.

Please get a life.

PV please post

It's about Priyanka here! And I know her believe it or not. Btw have you ever seen the Khans or Sharmila posting endless selfies with these poor kids like Priyanka does? Come on!

DIa Mirza is an earth and environmental warrior a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Wild Life Trust Of India, Save The Children representative, how do I know she is one mean mother earth fighter, from her Instagram page.

Stop needlessly hounding PC, she has not done any thing wrong against you.

PV please post.

Instagram is a platform for celebrities and their like to showcase what ever their life is all about, Sushmita Sen is heavily involved in charity, how do I know, through her Instagram page.

Your problem is not her charity work or her Instagram page your problem is that you hate PC for what ever is it is but as I will always say what these people do with their private lives is not my business because I will not spend my waking hours endlessly criticizing someone I don't know personally for nothingness at all.

May be you have all the time but I think it's a tad unhealthy well ask yourself this question ''why do I hate Priyanka Chopra and what have I gained from it''

I will say again get a life.

PV please post.

her NYC apartment is nice

this is similar to her apartment but not her actual apartment. Forbes wrote an article about this building and mentioned Priyanka is one of the celebrities that lives here.

Lol, this is an ad, not Priyanka’s real apartment.

not too impressive! hollywood celebrities have mansions!

Why is she showing off ??

Because she can.

PV please post.

It's a high end furnished apartment ? Furnished apt comes with all the furniture and amenities.

Did they get these pictures from street easy? Her PR is desperate these days.

this isn't her actual apartment. the pictures are from the apartment residence website.

i really doubt if she allows media to show inside rooms and all..ehehehe

Show these pictures the poor hungry children who Priyanka supposedly supports.UNICEF should fire her! Shame!

Shahrukh Khan is worth over 600 million dollars, Selena Gomez is worth 50 million dollars, Luis Figo 50 million dollars, Sarah Jessica Parker 90 million dollars, Jemima Khan 100 million dollars, Katy Perry 280 million dollars these are some of the celebrities and their estimated net worth, who are UNICEF ambassadors, some of them are singers, retired footballers, actors, actresses. PC is worth about 30 million dollars if not less and all these celebrities I have just listed above are richer than her.

So according to you because they are wealthy,UNICEF should fire all them too because I am sure they all live in luxurious homes, one of them Sarah Jessica Parker lives in a mega mansion worth 34.4 million dollars in New York. Since you are so angry with PC's home you must write a letter to UNICEF and insist they fire Sarah Jessica Parker because of her expensive home.

I have very deep empathy for you, your hatred for PC will destroy you very soon.

Get a life.

PV please post.

I have never seen all the other ambassadors clicking endless selfies with poor kids and posting them 24/7 on every social media! I feel ashamed as an Indian! Period! Pls PV post

They don’t go on UNICEF missions like Priyanka does. Priyanka actually does a lot more than most UNICEF ambassadors do. David Beckham and Orlando Bloom go on missions too and post pictures as well because it’s a part of creating awareness

Priyanka has made you hate yourself, that says so much about your state of mind.

Please don't self destruct over a celebrity that does not know you exist.

PV please post.

WOW!!! Wish i had one like this :) Beautiful!!

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