Redecorate your bedroom and make it more luxe with these 8 high quality products

Updated on Feb 07, 2022 06:04 PM IST  |  480K
Redecorate your bedroom and make it more luxe with these 8 high quality products
Redecorate your bedroom and make it more luxe with these 8 high quality products
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If you are moving into a new home or simply planning to redecorate your bedroom, we have got you covered! No matter how big or small your bedroom is, you can still make it look luxurious by decorating it with the right products. Here are a few high-quality items that will uplift the look of your room and make it cosier and comfier.


Boutique Living Stripe Tease Cotton Bedsheet 

Stripes never go out of fashion! This striped bed sheet looks super classy and the vibrant colours will add a positive vibe to your bedroom. The double bedsheet comes with two pillow covers made of pure cotton. It is extremely soft and washable. The bedsheet is skin-friendly and anti-viral. The colour won’t fade and will look as good as new for a very long time. 


Price: Rs.2339

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Layers Panchtatva Pure Cotton Bedsheet 

This luxe cotton bedsheet will give your bedroom a five star hotel-like feeling and will make you want to never leave your room. The set features a bedsheet and two pillow covers made of pure cotton that are extremely soft on the skin and comfortable. Now attain the best goodnight sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with this bedsheet set.


Price: Rs.1994

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Amazon Brand - Solimo Blackout Curtains 

Does the winter season ever make you want to just sleep in during the daytime but the daylight and car lights outside just won’t let you? Well, these curtains are your saviour. These blackout curtains will block out almost all the sunlight, UV rays and other lights and are perfect for mornings when you want to sleep till late and for your afternoon naps. These energy saving curtains insulate against summer heat and winter chill to balance your room temperature. 


Price: Rs.519

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Boutique Living India Cotton Comforter 

Have you ever felt too cold with the AC on and too hot with the AC off and you just cannot find a middleground? We have found the perfect solution to your problems with this soft, cosy and lightweight all-weather cotton comforter that feels like a warm hug on a cold evening. It will provide you with a rich and luxurious feel and keep you protected against allergens. Now you can cocoon yourself in this cosy comforter and enjoy a goodnight’s sleep. 


Price: Rs.3960

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Carpet Collection Shag Carpet 

Upgrade the look of your bedroom in an instant with this shag carpet. This handmade carpet is crafted from a super soft microfiber pile that provides one of the most plush feels. This winter, step into comfort with this soft and fluffy shag rug and you may just find yourself spending more time relaxing directly on this rug! The modern style of this rug will also give your room a contemporary accent. 


Price: Rs.2799

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Boutique Living Sateen Printed Bedsheet 

This high quality bed sheet is made from sateen that is a perfect mixture of satin and cotton. It is super soft and breathable, and helps maintain a comfortable body temperature. It is highly durable and the original colour stays put for a long time and looks great even after many machine washes. It has a glossy surface, is hypoallergenic and wrinkle resistant. 


Price: Rs.2160

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Moon Light Lamp

Upgrade your bedroom by adding this night lamp onto your bedside desk or table. It can provide different fascinating lights to match your mood and room decor, each light colour can be made dimmer or brighter. In addition to being used as a LED light, this product can also be used as a personal aroma diffuser for a soothing aromatherapy. So you can wake up every morning to a refreshing scent. 


Price: Rs.700

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Vah Wood Hanging Picture Frame 

It’s always fun to add memories and pictures to your room. It radiates positivity and let’s you cherish the happy times forever. This wall hanging picture frame comes with fairy lights that will add an aesthetic look to your bedroom. It is a fun and unique way to liven up your bedroom. 


Price: Rs.607

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Livpure Carbon Charcoal Infused Foam Pillow 

This charcoal infused pillow features pin cores that helps in easy air circulation, it absorbs unpleasant odour and gives a fresh feel always. It helps to maintain a correct sleeping posture, keeps your skin safe, assists in reducing stress, and offers perfect support to your neck. This pillow will protect you from toxins and microbes.



Price: Rs.1999

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