Scandinavian vs Minimalism: The expert explains the differences between THESE two home décor styles

Scandinavian and minimalism are the popular home décor styles, but there are a lot of confusion between theme since they have certain similarities. But they are different from each other and Kaveri Sachdev, Co-Founder and CEO of My Pooja Box explains why.
Scandinavian vs Minimalism: The expert explains the differences between THESE two home décor styles
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The world of home interiors has been growing with people seeking to define their personality through their home. It is definitely a special task to decorate your home, and put in all your creativity that brings out your personality. With exposure to different materials, themes, and styles, home decor seems easier than ever before. There is a plethora of home décor themes and styles and two of them have got immense popularity- they are Scandinavian and minimalism. Although, you might often get confused about their characteristics, as Scandinavian has often been considered as minimalism, but there are a few things that make the difference. So, Kaveri Sachdev, Co-Founder and CEO of My Pooja Box talks about the differences between Scandinavian and Minimalism. 

Scandinavian Vs Minimalism


In the Scandinavian style, the contrast factor has interest and depth. The colours used are usually whites and greys. Large pieces of furniture and blocks are used to keep a depth. On the other head, minimalism style uses rough natural palette colours.

Multi-functional pieces

Scandinavian uses the space wisely through multi-functional furniture and pieces such as under-the-bed storage, while the minimalism style usually keeps the materials in the raw form.


Scandinavians show a strong connection to nature, and reckon to respect the resources available. The major elements include natural light, incorporating plants, nature vignettes, sculptural wood and so on. The minimalism style brings materials of steel, copper and metal. 


Hygge is a word for togetherness. Adding hygge simply means creating warmth, by arranging the interiors in a way to promote casual socializing, while wisely making the space as comfortable as possible. This is a style of Scandinavian and in terms of minimalism, hygge is not given much importance. 

Modern design

Scandinavian uses geometric shapes along with irregular shapes, clean lines and newness on old pieces. The minimalism focuses on keeping it bare, without many shapes and patterns.

Strong color and prints

Scandinavian style of home decor always picks neutral paints, however, these colors can be played to make the interiors interesting. Minimalism on the other hand uses colours such as pastels to give a little vibrancy.


Be it Scandinavian or minimalism, or a combination of both, your home will look absolutely beautiful with these modern styles. Understand these styles and choose the one that makes your home a happy place and bring out your personality.

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