Shifting your home? Here are 6 products to help set up your new place

Updated on Oct 18, 2021 07:13 PM IST  |  108.8K
Shifting your home? Here are 6 products to help set up your new place
Shifting your home? Here are 6 products to help set up your new place

Shifting to a new apartment or moving into a new villa, making a new place your home is quite a heart breaking task. It requires so much effort and energy, from deciding where to place the bed to rearranging your kitchen and shelves. The Diwali season is one of the auspicious times to move into a new home and on today's deal of the day, we bring to you 6 products that'll help you set up your new space. These are available at generous deals so, hop on to the Amazon Great Indian Festive Sale and grab them all right away!


Laundry Bag

This beautifully designed cloth laundry bag is sturdy, strong, foldable, lightweight and water-resistant. For the first few weeks in your new home, laundry bags will come of immense use until you get your washing machine fixed and energy to wash clothes back.

laundry bag

Price: Rs 400

Deal: Rs 223

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Multipurpose Bathroom Shelf

Most rented homes do not come with any facilities and you’ll face the most tiresome issue in the bathroom where you can’t keep your toothbrush, paste to all toilet essentials anywhere. This wall mounting rack is easy to fix and provides you with enough space to place all your essentials.

bathroom shelf

Price: Rs 2100

Deal: Rs 689

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Smart LED Bulb

Remember to take extra LED bulbs for your safety purpose so you don’t have to stay in the dark. This smart bulb can be controlled with your voice using Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. 

smart led

Price: Rs 2099

Deal: Rs 749

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Home Charging Station

This gadget has got 6 USB ports with 8A output for simultaneously charging smartphones and tablets. It's super useful and a must-have in every household.


Price: Rs 1299

Deal: Rs 599

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Screw Driver Set

The set includes both flat heads and square pokers among others. Also, all of these blades have magnetic tips which enable you to get a firm grip over the screw while securing it. It helps you repair various household objects easily.

screw driver

Price: Rs 287

Deal: Rs 269

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Jar Set

To arrange your kitchen products and help you find and distinguish them easily, these transparent jars will be of great help. Airtight seal prevents moisture and humidity from spoiling stored food.

jar set

Price: Rs 750

Deal: Rs 469

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