Step by step guide to create a cosy bonfire in the backyard of your house during winter

Bonfire is one of the prime attractions of the winter season to warm up yourself along with some quality conversations with loved ones. Follow the steps below to arrange the campfire in your backyard during this cold season.
How to create bonfireStep by step guide to create a cosy bonfire in the backyard of your house during winter
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Winter is on its way and this season reminds us of the bonfire to warm up ourselves. This is one of the most important attractions of the winter season where we gather with our friends or family and arrange a nice and cosy campfire at night together. This is a perfect way to have deep conversations and laughter with our loved ones together.

Arranging a bonfire can be very easy if you do it in an organised manner. So, if you are thinking to plan for one then follow these steps below. And have a perfect backyard campfire during this winter.

Tips to create a perfect bonfire in your backyard in winter:

Things you need for the bonfire:

1. Bricks or stones.

2. Tinder (twigs, pine needles, etc.) to create the flame.

3. Kindling or larger wood sticks.

4. Fuel logs.

How to set the bonfire?

Follow these steps to create the bonfire at your backyard:

1. If you already have an in-built firepit in the backyard then you can use it. Otherwise, you can dig a hole and surround it with stones or bricks to make it. If you don’t want to make the fire pit, then you can simply make a circle with bricks or stones in an area.

2. Put all the twigs, papers, wood sticks together in the middle of the circle.

3. Then, make the shape of a teepee with the kindling around the tinder leaving some gap in between to pass oxygen properly.

4. Put the fuel logs parallel to each other on both sides of the teepee.

5. Drop the match in the centre of the teepee to start the flame.

Keep some supply of water near the bonfire for emergency cases. And make sure you put out the fire completely before going inside of your home.


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