Terrace Garden: Tips and ideas to create a beautiful rooftop garden

Updated on May 07, 2020 11:30 AM IST  |  3.8M
Terrace Garden: Tips and ideas to create a beautiful rooftop garden

Creating a rooftop or terrace garden doesn’t only mean having lot of houseplants. This décor includes several rules and patterns to make a gorgeous yet subtle place with greenery. You need to choose the right plants, nurture them properly and take care of their growth.

On the other hand, you also need to be careful about the entire place. From choosing the right furniture to putting the bright lights to choosing the right colours, you have to decide many things. So, if you are also thinking to have a beautiful terrace garden to take your gardening skill to another level, then we can help you out. Here we have mentioned about the plants and other things important for the décor.

Ideas to have a gorgeous terrace garden.

1-  First, you can avoid the typical parapet wall or railing and instead, go for transparent glass to make it more vibrant for your small rooftop. But if you like your privacy, then opt for railing or parapet.

2-  If you have a large terrace then go for large plants. Having tall and large plants all together will give your rooftop a great look.

3-  Opt for variations in the size of the plants, such as a few shrubs, small plants, annual plants, etc. Make sure you have different types of pots for them as well to bring diversity to your terrace garden.

4-  Choose a style and theme for your garden and decide on your furniture. If you want to have dinner on your rooftop sometimes, then you have to buy furniture accordingly.

5-  It’s very essential to brighten up your terrace during the evening with proper lights. Different types of plants will look extraordinary with the lights at night.

6-  Create a focal point that matches well with the décor. This would be the prime attraction of your terrace garden. It can be a statue, a series of container plants, a tall flower plant, etc. to bring some grandeur.

7-  Take any three colours for the decoration of walls, floors, furniture and railings. One will be used to accent the décor and two others will follow it. For the accent, you can use any neutral colour like grey, white, beige, etc.

8- Lastly, floors are also an important part, so don’t avoid them. Opt for a flooring style that suits your theme, the climate you live in and your budget.