THESE are the 8 ways to transform your home into an eco-friendly living space

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eco-friendly living
THESE are the 8 ways to transform your home into an eco-friendly living space

To make your house look greener, eco-friendly and fresh, you need to bring small changes in your house that can make a huge impact on the planet and perhaps, your living conditions. These changes are budget-friendly, don’t require much effort and time. As you take on the path to become more environmentally conscious, it will not only help in making a greener impact but also save you a lot of money. 

As we all are in the middle of a climate crisis, your home is where it all begins. Fortunately, we have the power to control what changes can happen at our home to make an impact. Without further ado, let us have a look at simple ways you can transform your house into an eco-friendly living space.

1. Get energy efficient lights


Investing in the right light bulbs is the first step to conserve energy and go eco-friendly. Get rid of the older, incandescent bulbs and invest in efficient CFLs that are a better alternative to conserve energy and help reduce carbon emissions. 

2. Compost food waste

You can get a pot and fill it up with soil to recycle leftover food. Instead of throwing away your waste food into the trash can, you can simply turn them into compost. 

3. Install solar panels


Renewable energy is a new wave for fighting climate change. A lot of people have taken down to installing solar panels for an eco home. It gives you clean and constant electricity and sometimes more than it is required. This excess of energy you can also sell. Solar panels are a long-term investment that is completely eco-friendly.

4. Grow your own vegetables

If your house has enough space to grow a vegetable garden in the backyard, then you must utilise that space and grow your own vegetables. This saves the land and gives you access to fresh and organically grown vegetables without any chemicals or pesticides. Also, having more plants around your house helps in absorbing the carbon in the atmosphere, making your house toxin free.

5. Swap paper napkins with cloth napkins


It is better to live a sustainable life as we need to realise our resources are not unlimited. Switch to cloth napkins for dinner and other use and get rid of the paper napkins. Cloth napkins are reusable.

6. Swap plastic bottles with glass bottles

Small steps make a big impact. Switch to glass bottles and get rid of all the plastic in your house. Instead of discarding the plastic, you can reuse it for home decor or for storing kitchen items.

7. Use metal straws instead of plastic ones


This goes without saying. Try to limit the use of straws and if at all, use the metal ones as it is safer for the environment.

8. Use a tea strainer instead of tea bags

Teabags contain microplastics that pollute the waters when drained and release toxins that are harmful to the marine life and aquatic creatures.

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