THESE are the home decor trends you need to look out for in 2021

With the ongoing pandemic and work from home not ending anytime soon, we need to amp up our living space and make it a happy place. Have a look at these home decor trends with inputs from Mahesh M, CEO of Creaticity, that you can apply in your home in 2021.
THESE are the home decor trends you need to look out for in 2021
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With the advent of COVID-19, the entire game has apparently changed, with people working and spending most of their time at home. Simply put, 2020 has been a year that has redefined the relationship with our homes and changed the way we used to live and breathe before the pandemic. The transition has also given us more time to focus on reshaping our home décor and giving it a fresh look by replacing old furniture with new ones and trying new shades and designs on the walls.

As we adjust to the unexpected odds like the ongoing pandemic, the world might see the emergence of more new revelations in the living space. These are some of the top home décor trends that we are highly probable to witness in 2021 shared by Mahesh M. CEO of Creaticity, India’s first and largest furniture mall in Pune.

Against this backdrop, here’s a list of top home décor trends one can look out for in 2021.

Minimalistic Living

While working from home (WFH) under strict and sometimes unrealistic deadlines, people have realised and become more aware of the importance of inner calmness. As a result, most of them are expected to switch to nature-inspired hues at home for inner peace and ramp up their productivity levels, while managing stress and ensuring work life balance more effectively.

Given this, we might see shades of whites, greys and taupes come to life. We also expect to see integrated hardware in kitchen design or oversized hardware pulls becoming a trend as it adds to the minimalistic feel of a space. 

Art deco designs

After being a part of the post-pandemic world, most people seem to adapt to the popular art deco design movement, dating back to 1930s and 1940s. People are projected to invest in design elements that involve bold geometric shapes, vertical lines, rich finishes, sleep craftsmanship and more.

Since most people have overused aesthetic designs, they are now turning to warmer and interesting pieces such as sculptural elements that offer a traditional feel and look to your home, instead of machine finishes.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

From furnishing to furniture, kitchenware to an artefact, people will be inclined towards bringing eco-friendly and sustainable items and designs to home. According to this trend, they are slated to invest more in things like repurposed accessories by investing in high-quality items but, with a longer life span or by purchasing products from the local markets to promote local brands. 

Besides, as we connect more with elements of nature, the trend of indoor plants or interior gardening may see a surge, involving things that are more organic and that naturally helps in mood upliftment. We might also witness people going for warm colours such as monochromatic light shades like green and its hues rather than the accent wall trends, both from a furniture and wall standpoint. 

Compact homes and automation

WFH is likely to increase the social spaces at home in the coming months. That said, we might see people opting for furniture that are multi-purpose in nature such as a sofa cum bed. We may also see this reflect on our home space like the kitchen cum dining zone, which are not new but will become more relevant in 2021.

Similarly, automation is another trend that is likely to make further inroads in the home space with more and more people investing in smart appliances and integrating them with their furniture. The idea is to live a smarter life and what could be a better way to start this than making your overall home décor smarter from every aspect.

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