Tired of boring plain curtains? Try THESE cool types of drapes and hacks

Give your windows a makeover by adding these cool types of curtains and drapes. Read on to know more.
Home Decor,curtain ideas,curtain tips,curtain decorTired of boring plain curtains? Try these cool types of drapes and hacks

We cannot ignore the fact that windows are a very important aspect of any room. The room or home decor also includes window treatment. As per your decor and choice, you can choose drapes and curtains. There are several varieties of curtains from simple sheer ones to blackout drapes. Did you know that just an upgrade of curtains can drastically impact the look of your home and that's why you should ignore window dressing?

If you overlooked how your windows feel and tired and bored of the plain and simple curtains then read on. Give your windows zest of newness and interesting character by upgrading it or by making simple changes. One simple hack to quickly give a makeover to windows is by just changing the sides. Basically, you have to just pull the curtains in opposite directions and voila! You will get more texture and drama in a minute's time. This works best if you have sheer panels or solid linen curtains, as patterned one may look overwhelming.

1. Ruffled curtains

A simple upgrade to your present curtains can be a DIY based ruffled ones. You don't have to spend too much time and money in this style. So, why wait, add a touch of interest by adding ruffles. You can even buy them if you don't want to do it on your own. 

2. Shibori Dye

Want to upgrade those stark white curtains then this is a great idea. Shibori dyeing is an ancient Japanese technique. The process involves twisting or bunching fabric and using indigo dye to get a rich blue color. Make sure to use fabric-safe dye. You can choose other colours as well for the tie-dye.

3. Pom Pom

One of the easy ways to upgrade your current drapes are the addition of adorable pom pom. There are several DIY videos available online on how you can add pom poms to curtains. Add bright coloured pom poms with soft, neutral fabrics like linen or cotton to achieve the happy and breezy look.

4. Layering

Layering two or more types of window coverings is one of the refreshing ways to add dimension. You can also control the light and air with this style. Start with blinds or shades and then install drapes four to six inches above the window. This will also help to create an illusion of a taller ceiling. 

5. Macramé curtains

Macramé is one of the boho-chic based drape ideas you can add to your home. If you are a novice knotter then follow the DIY tutorial that I have mentioned below. You can simply buy it if you don't want to create one. 

6.Bold patterns

If your curtains are old, plain or ill-fitting ones and planning to buy new pairs then you should give a makeover by buying bold patterned curtains this time. If you have been fearing to get bold prints then you should not as they will help to get attention in a good way. As per the theme of your home or room, buy or go for DIY with bold prints. 

7. Add stylish curtain pull and tiebacks

Instead of getting new curtains or doing any hacks, one of the simple and easy ways to transform their looks is by adding stylish curtain pulls and tiebacks. Crystal and stone ones and pom-pom based are quite in. Check out the video for more ideas.

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