Upgrade your bathroom with THESE 7 items to bring an aesthetic touch to your boring space

Updated on Aug 10, 2021 12:32 PM IST  |  164.4K
Upgrade your bathroom with THESE 7 items to bring an aesthetic touch to your boring space
Upgrade your bathroom with THESE 7 items to bring an aesthetic touch to your boring space

Let’s be honest here. The bathroom is the space where most great ideas are born and the most comfortable room in your home where you can be your true self without having to deal with other humans. We get our favourite ‘me time’ and enjoy the peaceful time of being alone with our thoughts in there. To cry our heart out or to hide from our insecurities or to explode in happiness that we can’t share with anyone else, the bathroom has been a magical place where we can unleash our true selves without any fear of being judged. It’s important to style up this space with products that can give it a more positive and soothing look. Here are a few things you might need to give your bathroom a makeover that it deserves.


Granite Contact Paper

This granite print paper can be stuck upon countertops, walls and also dressers, drawers, closets, etc. It’s waterproof and oilproof and creates a visual elegance to your bathroom.


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Two-Tier rack

A rack is useful to place your towels, clothes, slippers or even as a decor item to place plant pots and other showpieces to add life to your bathroom space.


Price: 19.99 USD

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Reed Diffuser

If you don’t want your bathroom to be smelly and moody, a diffuser can help you change the whole vibe of the space with a great soothing fragrance and optimistic vibes.


Price: 13.99 USD

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Drawer Pull Knobs 

Quirky knobs can add a fun spin to the look and feel of your bathroom. It makes it a more bright, vibrant and happy space. These are sculpted to perfection so that only the finest quality knobs get fixed in your home.


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Hanging Mirror

Mirrors are an important factor in your bathroom. It's also the one where you look at yourself and give the mock speech for your future Oscar or Grammy. Choosing a stylish mirror with an aesthetic frame can be a great way to make your bathroom space look more modern.


Price: 28.99 USD

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Prisma Tray

A tray to keep your accessories, spectacles away from the water. This contemporary design tray offers a stylish way to store your jewellery while putting it on display.


Price: 21.36 USD

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Bathroom Rugs

These washable and durable rugs are a perfect addition to your bathroom. It provides an extremely warm feeling for your feet, especially perfect for after tired working or training and also the hot melt adhesive backing keeps the rug securely in place for added safety.


Price: 25.95 USD

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While we think these additions to your bathroom can make your space look more comfy and lively what more do think can make your bathroom feel more ‘you’.

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