Which statement piece is right for your home décor based on the zodiac signs?

What kind of decorative item do you opt for to adorn your abode? Well, this should be well suited with your personality. So, here’s the list of statement pieces for home décor according to your zodiac sign.
Which statement piece is right for your home décor based on the zodiac signs?Which statement piece is right for your home décor based on the zodiac signs?

A statement piece in home décor is the one that catches everyone’s attention in the house. It can be wall art, a painting, a showpiece, a statue, etc. These pieces actually exhibit our preferences and choice for the home décor. Some people like to opt for a large classy mirror, while others purchase stunning furniture to adorn the house.

Which one is your statement piece? Every person has a different style of decorating their abode. And this is also applicable for choosing the right statement piece. When it comes to talking about people’s choice and preferences, then astrology is the best way to know that. Zodiac signs define different types of people. So, we can know which statement piece would each star sign go for based on their personality traits.

Statement piece as per zodiac signs for home décor:

Aries- Bold accent wall

You have a bold personality that is not afraid to opt for the offbeat things. Hence, you would just use one wall to make it your statement piece. You will adorn the wall with lively colours and patterns to make it catchy.

Taurus- Luxurious bathtub

You always like to opt for comfort with elegance. So, a stunning bathtub is just perfect for you. This is relaxing but will grab other’s attention at the same time. You want a statement that is both practical and indulgent. So, a bathtub is the best option for you.

Gemini- Funky bookshelf

Gemini people like to gather knowledge. But they want to make things look playful and catchy as well. So, a funky bookshelf is a great choice for these people. This would be stuffed with their favourite books for information and catchy colours and designs will make it look eccentric.

Cancer- Rug

Cancerians like to make things cosy to create a welcoming vibe in the house for the guests. So, a beautiful rug is a classic statement piece for them. It will provide the guests with a homely feeling and ultimate comfort. This will also bring a traditional look in their house, which is always the first preference of a Cancer person for home décor.

Leo- A large mirror

You like big, bright and vibrant things. So, you will always go for a large stunning mirror as your statement piece. This will also create illusions to make your house look bigger and spacious. And you don’t mind placing the giant mirror anywhere in the house.

Virgo- A storage furniture

You don’t like to opt for something because of its elegant look. But the piece has to be functional. So, classy storage furniture is suitable for you. This will add vibrancy to the home décor providing you with some extra space for storing things.

Libra- Chandelier

You are the worshipper of beauty. You like classy and elegant things. So, a sparkling chandelier would embrace your home with ultimate sophistication. This will look lively just like your personality. Your guests can easily sense your preference for home décor.

Scorpio- Headboard

You need something dramatic and ornate that will suit your passionate and intense personality. A stunning oversized headboard will enhance the look of your bedroom. You don’t need to place anything artistic in this corner as the headboard in itself is a piece of art.

Sagittarius- Wall tapestry

You are an impulsive person who likes flexibility and uniqueness. So, a giant wall tapestry is perfect for you based on your zodiac personality traits because you can easily change it whenever you want to.

Capricorn- A classy work desk

Capricorns are always considered to be workaholic. And their statement piece is also similar to this trait. They would like to bring a gorgeous yet professional work desk in their own space. This will be functional and brighten up the home décor.

Aquarius- Artwork

You like to evoke questions in people with your statement piece. You want them to make different interpretations about it and have a serious conversation on that. So, an oversized artwork speaks about your personality well.

Pisces- Swing chair

Pisceans are romantic and imaginative people. They will do everything in their abode to get ultimate comfort. So, a relaxing swing chair is perfect for them. They will feel free to imagine and daydream on it. And this also portrays your whimsical personality.

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