Whiteboards for penning down your everyday to-do list

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Whiteboards for penning down your everyday to-do list
Whiteboards for penning down your everyday to-do list

To-do lists offer great solutions to keep an eye on the tasks of the day. Be it a grocery list, due dates or checklist, you need to prepare yourself to the fullest and ensure you don't miss out on important things. Instead of writing it down on a piece of paper or notebook and losing it eventually, we bring to you the most convenient way to jotdown daily tasks or checklists.

Write it, tick it and swipe it all once done by simply owning a WHITEBOARD!


1. Whiteboard Self Adhesive Removable Wall Sticker

This PVC whiteboard sticker is indeed a life saviour. All you have to do is peel off the backing and stick it on the wall with ease. You can remove the sticker off the wall whenever you wish without leaving behind any gum or residue. The large size sticker gives you plenty of space to jot down menus, to-do lists or even checklists. 


Price: Rs. 849

Deal: Rs. 289

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2. Non Magnetic Double Sided White Board and Chalk Board

This board has dual usage. You can use whiteboard markers on the whiteboard and on the reserve size chalk on the green board. This board is non magnetic and light weighted with an aluminum frame. Hang it on the wall to enjoy writing, listing, drawing and painting. 


Price: Rs. 2299

Deal: Rs. 684

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3. Magnetic White Board Sheet

This magnetic white board sheet comes with four coloured markers and a duster. It has a glossy surface with a magnetic backing for your convenience. Stick the sheet on any magnetic surface and pull it off multiple times without leaving any sticky residue. The cute duster and the markers too have a magnetic backing making it perfect for penning down grocery lists. 


Price: Rs. 699

Deal: Rs. 499

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4. Flip-chart Easel Stand with MDF Dry Erase Whiteboard

If you don't want to hang or stick your whiteboard then buy it with a stand. This Flip-chart Easel Stand with MDF Dry Erase Whiteboard is extremely sturdy and rigid for everyday use. You can modify the height of the stand as per your convenience. With no efforts of assembling, this stand holds the whiteboard and your flipcharts with ease. 


Price: Rs. 3510

Deal: Rs. 2800

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5. Pin Board and White Board Combo with Magnet Board and Mini Calendar

This is a blockbuster combo that is multi-functional. It leaves no space for disappointment. Pin your papers, jot down your to-do list or stick notes on the magnetic field keeping an eye on the calendar. A perfect combo that can make you organised everyday. 


Price: Rs. 1350

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Now you don't have to rush to find a pen and paper to jot down important things planned for the day. Simply pen it down on the whiteboard and wipe it off once completed. Stay organised and punctual every passing day with these multi functional whiteboards.


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