10 Rejection behaviors you should avoid once your child comes out as LGBT

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Rejection behaviors you should avoid once your child comes out as LGBT
Rejection behaviors you should avoid once your child comes out as LGBT

We are all aware of the ways we can be more accepting of our kids. So, it’s time we discussed the things you must not do to ensure your child feels supported instead of shunned after he or she comes out in the LGBT community. As all minor children are dependent on their parents, you must not abuse your power by using money or your emotions to punish them. For a deeper insight, take a look at some examples of mistakes you must not make right after your child comes out of the closet.

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  1. While the news may be unexpected for some parents, reacting harshly could scar your child. Hence, you must refrain from physically hitting your offspring. Also remember not to issue threats, because your child is attempting to have an honest conversation with you.
  2. Try not to place blame on your spouse, kids or even social media for your child’s sexual orientation. Doing so would involuntarily cause them a lot of angst and make them think that something is wrong with them, which isn’t the case.
  3. If you have had a loving relationship with your offspring, do not withhold hugs or affection right after they come out of the closet.
  4. You must not verbally abuse them, shame them or curse them. Also do not stop them from speaking of their sexual orientation.
  5. Coming to terms with their gender identity has been a struggle for them. So, you must not exclude them from family functions such as weddings, birthdays or extended family or relatives. This is probably the time when they crave your support the most.
  6. Do not stay silent or walk away while other members of your extended family or relatives’ shame or bully your kids for coming out of the closet.
  7. Some parents think that limiting their kid’s access to news and content on social media regarding LGBTQ community, or their identity shall force them to rethink their sexual orientation. However, this could cause more harm than you realise and hence, must be avoided.
  8. Do not consider punishing your kid for who they are or cut off financial support just because they came out.
  9. Do not ask them to stop socialising with friends from the LGBT community. Remember that cutting them off from support is not the answer.
  10. Lastly, you must not force them to be more masculine or more feminine for the sake of the society.

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Avoiding such rejection behaviors shall make sure that your child doesn’t have a shadow of doubt on whether or not he’s accepted and loved by you.

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This is much needed.mosy of us don't know to react with LGBT children or even adults around .