10 Steps to master the art of moving on from a toxic relationship

Toxicity is like the weed that grows into our lives turning everything negative and poisonous. Often we find ourselves trapped in a toxic relationship where staying gets harder than leaving. These are the ways you can heal yourself from the effects of a toxic relationship.
10 Steps to master the art of moving on from a toxic relationship
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Being stuck in the absolute chaos of a toxic relationship is the dilemma of every couple. Toxic relationships have become the new normal in modern day romance where everyone gets on with the drama. The need for constant validation becomes a necessity. This cycle of toxicity sometimes gets too much to handle and sooner than later you realise the negative effects of it.

The consequences of being in a toxic relationship are heavy. It takes a mental toll on your health, leads to depression, anxiety, and insecurities. It seems impossible to break away from the chain of toxicity because it gets addictive over a period of time. You feel like its too late as you’re way too deep in it and the emotional dependency on your partner makes it worse. One day, you suddenly realise that your self esteem is worth a lot more and you deserve better. 

To heal yourself from the effects of a toxic relationship, follow these simple steps as a reminder to yourself whilst moving on after an emotional break up.

1. Self love is best love

Follow this motto, write it in big fonts and stick it on your mirror. Remember to love yourself even on the darkest days because only you can save yourself. Accept your flaws, be positive and stick around. Go on coffee dates with yourself, you don’t need a partner to make you feel special.

2. Be patient

You can’t accept to move on and expect everything to be perfect after a day of breaking up. It takes time to heal wounds. Be patient with yourself and give yourself a chance to prove it that you are worthy of being in a healthy relationship.

3. Feel every emotion

A common mistake that a lot of us make is to move on without feeling sad or moaning. It is important to go through all kinds of emotions, you can’t always be happy. You are allowed to cry and feel sad about it because it is normal. Only when you hit rock bottom can you rise up.

5. Don’t jump to another relationship

Give yourself some time to heal before you get back and avoid having a rebound. Put a pause to your dating life, introspect and analyse where you stand currently.

6. Choose your next partner wisely

Be smart and wise with who you choose to invest your time in. Learn from your mistakes and move on with your head held high before choosing your next partner. 

7. Accept the reality

It is easier to hide flaws in order to work it out, but a smart person will always know when it is time to let go and move on. Accept the reality that you are in a toxic relationship and be strong enough to break away from it.

8. It is okay to not get closure

Don’t wait around for an apology or a closure. Be the bigger person and let go of your feelings as it is the better option for you both. Moving on without getting a closure can be tough but remember it is all temporary.

9. Find a positive distraction

Fill the empty void and days with something better and more productive. Utilise this time to indulge in a new hobby or acquire new skills, this will keep your mind distracted and it won’t drift away easily.

10. Go on a vacation

If you truly want to break away and let go, switch off from social media or things that will remind you of him/her. You can go solo tripping or take your best friend along with you. Try to rebuild yourself and come back feeling refreshed, ready to start a new chapter.

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