10 Ways the lockdown has brought WFH fathers closer to their kids

Updated on Jun 20, 2021 06:57 PM IST  |  224K
How to spend time with your kids in this lockdown

Historically we know that mothers have been involved more in the terms of taking care of the child’s health and other different aspects, but we should also take into consideration that fathers also have to be brought into the limelight with respect to their involvement in looking out for their children. Ever since the COVID situation has occurred in our lives, we explicitly see how fathers are playing a significant role their children’s life. Mostly everyone has been at home for the past year and has been working from home, there is a lot of interaction and engagement among the family members as they are spending a lot of time together. Additionally, fathers are showing extra hold on the household chores and taking care of the children as well. Children also have not been going to school or for any outings. So, Dr Prathap Chandra, Consultant Neonatologist & Pediatrician, Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore talks about how during this pandemic fathers and kids have come closer to each other spending happier time together.

How new generation fathers are spending time with kids?

1-They are now more powered in taking care and nourishing their children.

2-Getting more involved in their education.

3-Encouraging in hobbies.

4-Spending quality mealtime with the family.

5-Getting more hands on in looking after the new-born babies.

6-Accompanying their wives for all the vaccination of the baby, also with more participation in child’s health.

7-Taking initiation to attend counselling sessions for the recovery of their babies in NICU or under any other treatment, leaving behind their wives who have just given birth.

8-Willing to take the stress and pressure all over them, with the intention to eliminate mothers from taking all the responsibility.

9-Specially when it comes to the babies who have come from a different place like from the outskirts for treatment, the wellbeing and counselling for the baby’s health is taken care by the fathers, as the mothers are usually not suggested to travel.

10-Being more concerned about the child’s learning choices, they are taking extra co-curricular activities online like music, drawing etc.

Fathers have realised that it is important to be more open with their children to know more about them. Because if fathers do not try the child will probably feel hesitant to talk to them. Spending more time with their children, they are creating everlasting bonding and memories for them to look back and cherish. The advantageous factor that is highlighted here is that the children will look up to their fathers as their heroes.

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