18 First Mother’s Day gifts for new moms

Whether you want to give her something she can use for self-care (and the "me time" she needs to use it) or a keepsake for the first year of motherhood that she'll cherish for years. Here we have a list of the best first Mother’s Day gifts for new moms.

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18 First Mother’s Day gifts for new moms
18 First Mother’s Day gifts for new moms
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A new mom deserves a Mother’s Day gift more than anybody else. It takes a lot of strength and energy to adjust to the mom life and hence, she deserves a little extra appreciation. If your wife, sister or friend is celebrating her first Mother’s Day this year, then gift her something that she will cherish for a very long time. Knock it out of the park with a gift that tells her you appreciate everything she does for her new bundle of joy. Whether you want to give her something she can use for self-care (and the "me time" she needs to use it) or a keepsake for the first year of motherhood that she'll cherish for years. Here we have a list of the best first Mother’s Day gifts for new moms. 

First Mother’s Day gifts for new moms: 

Here, we have a list of the best first Mother’s Day gifts for new mamas. 

1. Matching Clothing Set 

Every new mom loves to twin with her little bundle of joy. This clothing set features a T-shirt for the mama that says - It's the little things in life, and an adorable onesie for the little thing! It is undoubtedly the cutest present and the new mom can also click a picture with her baby wearing matching outfits and post it on her Instagram on Mother’s Day. 


Price: $18.99

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2. Letters To My Daughter Journal 

This is a journal from a mom to her baby girl. It comes with twelve envelopes she can postdate, seal and save for when her daughter is big enough to read the letters she wrote to her. Each letter has a space to write when it was sealed and when it should be opened (will it be tomorrow or in 20 years). She can seal the letters with the included stickers before giving this time capsule to her daughter!


Price: $11.94

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3. Mama Shark Wine Glass 

Every new mom can vouch that she has heard the song ‘Baby Shark’ a million times. But when her baby shark finally falls asleep, the mama shark could really use a drink in this adorable wine glass. The glass is heat treated to ensure the humorous decal is strongly adhered to the glass, but the glass should be hand washed in order to protect the funny and cute design.


Price: $13.94

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4. Mom Son Charm Bracelet 

There isn’t enough love in this world for a mom to give to her baby boy. This charm bracelet is definitely something that she will cherish forever. You won't have to worry too much about the sizing on this mother and son bracelet because it's adjustable and can fit up to an 8.5-inch wrist. It even comes packed in a cute drawstring bag.


Price: $15

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5. 3 in 1 Multifunction Diaper Bag 

Every new mom has to carry 10 things everytime she leaves her home with her baby. This multifunctional bag can be used as a diaper backpack, a changing table and a portable crib. It is super easy to organise baby items and access them quickly in this bag. The waterproof bag features a main compartment with 6 interior pockets for all baby essentials, such as diapers, baby clothes and towels, 3 thermos insulated holders for baby bottles, an elastic pocket for the water bottle, a slot pocket for wipes and 1 back anti-theft pocket for the mom’s cell phone. She simply has to pull the foldable rods and the bag will turn into a portable crib!


Price: $46.99

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6. Bathtub Pillow 

After a long day of running around the infant - feeding him, bathing him and finally putting him to sleep, the new mama deserves a relaxing bath in the bath tub. A bath pillow under her neck will make her bath feel a bit more luxurious, and prevent her neck from a spasm. This bath pillow provides strategic support for tender, sensitive areas, such as your spine and cervical vertebrae. Plus, it conforms to the body's contours for truly customised cushioning.


Price: $17.83

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7. Instant Photo Printer 

A new mom always wants to capture and save every little milestone that her baby achieves in its first year. This instant photo printer connects with an iOS or Android phone, so she can print right from her camera roll. It comes in handy when she wants to preserve those first-year memories right away! The glossy sticky-back photo paper has colours embedded inside for amazing resistance to water, smudges and tears. 


Price: $79.99

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8. Bath Salts Gift Set

Since self-care is essential in that first year, help her turn bath time into spa time with this relaxing bath salts gift set. The set includes 3 sea salts with lavender, rose and chamomile scent and 3 bath bombs, a morocco argan oil and a wooden scoop. Formulated with pure mineral sea salt and natural essential oils, rich in a variety of natural minerals and trace elements, these bath salts are a gift from nature. They will exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and soft. The Morocco argan oil helps to moisturise the scalp, repair damaged hair, improve the skin condition, restore natural lipid barrier and delay skin ageing. Finally, the bath bombs will give a rich bubble bath experience, and will help cleanse and moisturise the skin. The rejuvenating aroma creates a comforting environment.


Price: $26.99

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9. Mother Daughter Necklace

This can also be one of the most cherished gifts you can give a new mom of a little baby girl. This necklace gets divided into 2 parts - one to be worn by the mother and one to be worn by the daughter. The new mama can save the other half of the necklace for when her baby girl becomes a little older so that even when separated, they will be half of each other, symbolising the eternal love between a mother and a daughter.


Price: $11.99

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10. Pink Rose Cream Facial Mask 

Due to lack of sleep and stress, a new mama can lose her facial glow. Encourage her to take some self-care time and get her glow back with this hydrating cream-based mask. It helps replenish water to the skin and lock in moisture to prevent skin from ultra-dryness and water loss, with an ice-cream texture, it leaves the skin smoother, radiant and moisturised. The grapefruit extract and vitamin C facial mask is rich in antioxidants which help nourish and protect against free-radical damage caused by exposure to environmental factors such as sun and pollution. Also it can help reduce acne and dark spots effectively, and revive the skin’s beauty with a natural glow.


Price: $12.99

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11. Natural Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 

​​When sleep is in such short supply, comfort is key. Help her make the most of her 40 winks with a luxurious silk pillowcase. Normal pillow covers suck out the moisture from your hair throughout the night, making them dry and frizzy. These satin silk pillow cases will feel extremely smooth against the skin and will prevent the hair from knotting and getting frizzy in the morning. Satin silk never absorbs facial and hair moisture. Hence, she will wake up with healthy skin and shiny hair. 


Price: $12.99

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12. Luxurious Facial Oil 

New mamas simply cannot make time to follow a 10-step, well-versed skincare routine. Hence, you can help simplify her skincare routine by giving her something that helps heal her skin overnight. This luxuriously lightweight oil delivers a trifecta of skin-loving goodness brightening, firming and hydration in one rosy step. Enriched with squalane, vitamin C and rose oil, it increases skin radiance by improving texture and suppleness, and protects the skin from moisture loss, leaving behind a soft, natural scent. It easily and deeply absorbs to reduce discoloration and improve elasticity. 


Price: $72

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13. Hot Air Brush 

All new moms struggle with finding time especially when it comes to styling themselves and their hair. This hot air brush will help you style, dry and volumize your hair in one step. It has a max drying power with 30 percent less frizz and helps reduce hair damage. The unique non-detachable oval brush is designed for smoothing the hair, while the round edges create volume. Designed with nylon pin and tufted bristles, it is great for detangling, improved volume, and control.


Price: $34.88

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14. Aromatherapy Diffuser 

An essential oil diffuser can be a great addition to a new mom’s bedroom. It will help her soothe, relax and sleep better after a long day of running around her infant. This diffuser includes 7 ambient light modes with two intensity settings for 14 different light combinations. It also includes 4 timer settings and a convenient auto shutoff feature for low water levels. This diffuser also comes with 10 different essential oils. 


Price: $33.95

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15. Mama Bear Slippers 

Since new mom’s need to do a lot of running around and are usually always on their feet, these plush slippers will give their feet a soft bed. They are charming, cosy, comfortable, and sure to put a smile on the mama’s face. These everyday slippers are perfect to slide on when she is looking for some extra comfort for her well-deserving feet.


Price: $14.71 - $39.99

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16. Baby Handprint & Footprint Maker 

This frame kit comes with everything a mom of infants and toddlers needs to create a personal handprint keepsake. Before a mom knows it, those little hands will be waving goodbye for college. Don’t let the fog of a new baby exhaustion wipe those precious memories away. She can cherish those first special moments with the new baby with this keepsake that captures their perfect little handprint, footprint, fingers and toes for life.


Price: $19.95

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17. Mommy Care Package 

This gift box is the perfect way to encourage a new mom to indulge in some relaxing and much-needed ‘Me Time’. This gift box includes a spill-proof tumbler, refreshing bath bombs, moisturising soaps, lavender candles, succulent and a congratulations card. She will surely feel refreshed with these bath bombs and soap. The lavender candle will also make her feel calm as it gives aromatherapy. And if she loves coffee or tea, let her enjoy her hot drink with this stainless steel tumbler. 


Price: $49.99

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18. First Heartbeat Frame 

The day she first heard that heartbeat was a special one. Celebrate it forever with this frame, which makes artwork out of the baby's heartbeat. Every mom saves her baby’s sonogram picture. Now she can frame it and hang it on her bedroom wall or the baby’s nursery wall by framing it in this heartbeat frame. 


Price: $18.87

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Mothers Day 2022 is coming close and it is always best to be prepared in advance with your gift. A mother deserves to know just how loved and appreciated she is, especially if she is a new mom. New mothers usually doubt themselves and wonder if they are doing the right thing or not. This mothers day, show her that she is the best with these unique, useful and thoughtful first mother’s day gifts. 

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