18 Unique Mother’s Day gifts for moms who do not get enough sleep

If your wife, sister or friend has an infant or a toddler, or simply a couple of kids who don’t let her sleep, then this Mother’s Day, they deserve something unique. These unique Mother’s Day gifts will help a sleep deprived mum get a few quality hours of sleep.

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18 Unique Mother’s Day gifts for moms who do not get enough sleep
18 Unique Mother’s Day gifts for moms who do not get enough sleep
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Mothers are called superwomen for a reason. They work all day, provide for the kids, ensure they are well fed, well slept, and still somehow make time for their own work. In all this chaos, what moms may not find time for, is getting a goodnight’s sleep. You may have heard a lot of moms (especially new moms) say that they are sleep deprived. If your wife, sister or friend has an infant or a toddler, or simply a couple of kids who don’t let her sleep, then this Mother’s Day, they deserve something unique. These unique Mother’s Day gifts will help a sleep deprived mum get a few quality hours of sleep. 

Unique Mother’s Day gifts: 

Here we have a list of unique mother’s day gifts for moms who do not get enough sleep. 

1. Under Eye Cream 

It is just one of those facts of life – once kids start coming along you have to give up your beauty sleep. Moms are magnificent creatures who seem to excel at living on the bare minimum of sleep, but that can take its toll on tired skin and eyes. This eye cream instantly reduces the appearance of dark circles and hydrates to reduce fine lines over time. It absorbs instantly to brighten the look of dark circles. Vitamin B3 and C, caffeine and optic brighteners absorb quickly, targeting the thinner skin around the eyes to help it look youthful and well rested.


Price: $17.81

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2. Lavender Eye Pillow 

One of the worst things about sleep deprivation as a mom is that it can cause crankiness and nobody wants to start taking it out on the kids as this is a sure fire way to make them even more irritable too! That’s why even if you cannot sleep it is important to try and relax. This eye pillow is filled with flaxseeds and lavender buds. Used in aromatherapy for centuries, the soft scent of lavender is calming and soothing, making it the perfect eye pillow for sleeping and yoga meditation. Flax seeds deliver gentle pressure to the sinuses and eye area to help relieve tension.  


Price: $21.95

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3. Baby Sleeping Sign 

Every mom will tell you that one of the most frustrating things is when you have spent hours trying to settle a fussy little one down for a nap only for some well meaning visitor or an unwanted salesman to ring the doorbell and wake both of you up! This sign is perfect to hang on the front door asking that people do not disturb mom and baby during nap times!


Price: $14.99

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4. Safe Sleep Under-Mattress Baby Monitor 

One of the most common reasons why moms find it difficult to get a goodnight's sleep is that even if the baby goes straight to sleep, they often find themselves worrying about whether or not they are okay. This is a highly sensitive device that monitors and detects even the slightest baby's movements through the mattress. ​​It sounds an alarm alerting to check the baby if no movement is detected within 20 seconds or if the movement rate slows to less than 10 micro-movements per minute.


Price: $127.50

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5. Mommy Needs Coffee Mug 

Most mother’s are fuelled entirely by coffee, so those tired moms in your life will no doubt love this coffee mug. The ceramic polka dot mug features “mommy needs more coffee” in a black and gold print. This parent mug will be sure to quickly become the mom’s favourite go-to for her morning coffee or evening tea! However, this mug should be washed by hand only to avoid ruining the print. 


Price: $9.99

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6. Cuddle Pillow 

Body pillows are usually a gift that is given to expectant mothers, but they are actually perfect for sleep deprived moms too for a number of different reasons. For example, after giving birth it can take some time to get everything back in place and that can result in a little bit of discomfort! A body pillow can help to alleviate that and make sleep more comfortable. Also, if the problem is that mom cannot get to sleep because the baby won’t sleep then sometimes body pillows can be a great way to cocoon them both allowing mom to be comfortable and even get a little nap while cradling her little one.


Price: $44.99

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7. Stress Relief Bath Products 

A relaxing bath is a fantastic natural remedy for alleviating insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression and restlessness – all those things that tired moms usually have at least a little experience of. This bath set is a perfect gift for tired moms who are lacking in sleep. It consists of a natural, relaxing foaming body wash, a body lotion and a stress relieving candle. 


Price: $44.89

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8. Teething Necklace for Moms 

One common culprit of those sleepless nights is the dreaded teething stage! This stylish necklace is designed to be chewable for babies as well as extremely tactile. Babies really love touching the beads and they can also use them for teething on. Mom can wear it around her neck and have it in easy reach night or day. If the baby settles more quickly thanks to the teething beads, then mom gets back to sleep a little quicker! 


Price: $8.97

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9. Foot Massager Roller 

As a mom, the feet take a massive amount of punishment on a daily basis. All that running around and never quite getting to relax can take its toll and somehow having sore feet seems to make you feel even more tired! That is why this fantastic dual foot massager is the ideal gift for tired moms. It can help to soothe sore feet and will even help to alleviate other aches and pains. It is so easy to use and can even be put to use while mom is sitting down nursing a baby or reading a story. Multitasking is a skill that all busy moms need to master!


Price: $15.95

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10. 24K Gold Eye Mask 

We have already mentioned tired eyes and lacklustre skin, but rather than a cream this particular gift takes the form of eye masks. This 24K gold eye mask contains castor oil that keeps your skin looking young, shiny and healthy, hyaluronic acid that promotes healthier skin by helping to retain moisture, glycerin that maintains water balance and nourishes the skin, and collagen that benefits elasticity and hydration of skin cells. 


Price: $21.99

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11. Soothing Sound Machine

This adorable cuddly toy is actually a really handy sleep soother which helps to calm babies and lull them to sleep with nature sounds and lullabies. Some of the sounds that are included are a mother’s heartbeat, surf, rain and whale song. These are not only relaxing for babies, but for mom too! As everyone knows, when the baby sleeps, that is when mom gets her chance to do the same so this gift will be very appreciated!


Price: $34.99

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12. Vacuum Cleaning Robot 

When you are not getting enough sleep completing the housework can seem like an insurmountable task! This robot vacuum combines side brushes, channel brushes, and a multi-surface brushroll to handle debris on all surfaces. It senses ledges and stairs, avoids damaging furniture and walls, and manoeuvres around potential stuck situations, truly knowing your home. The app will let her start and stop cleaning and schedule the robot to clean whenever she wants.


Price: $139.99

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13. Foot Spa Bath Massager

A tired and overworked mom mainly feels the pain on her feet. Now you can help that tired mom in your life to relieve some of the pain in her feet with this home foot spa. This multi-functional foot spa bath integrates heating, massage, oxygen bubbles, vibration functions to relax her overworked feet. The intelligent temperature control will quickly heat the water up to the temperature she sets, and maintain water temperature during the process of the whole foot spa. She won't need to add extra hot water to enjoy her relaxing foot bath at home. The bubble outlets release numerous active oxygen bubbles to wrap around and knock on the pressure points of the sole, combined with vibration massage function, relaxing the body effectively. This pedicure foot spa massager is equipped with 16 mini removable non-motorized rollers, massaging the acupuncture points of the feet all-round.


Price: $54.99

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14. Sleep Enhancing Light 

It is not so much the amount of sleep you get, but the quality of sleep. That means that even if a tired mom is only managing a few hours of sleep, it can still be restful if it is good quality sleep then it can be good enough. This sleep enhancing light is the ideal gift to make this happen for her. This bulb helps you unwind with unique shades of light not found in traditional lights. The traditional lights disturb your body's natural cycle of producing melatonin. This bulb offers a soothing blue tinged light which triggers a reduced level of melatonin in the body which helps to aid natural sleep. It can also be set to wake you up more naturally.


Price: $15.95

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15. Night Time Herbal Tea Bags 

These tea bags are just perfect for night time and moms who find it difficult to get some quality sleep. It will naturally help her relax as she gets ready for bed and drifts off into a peaceful rest. Expertly blended by herbal experts and nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients, this tea combines the latest scientific research with traditional herbal wisdom. Specifically sourced for their soothing and calming properties, the blend is crafted with a sleepy crush of oat flower, chamomile, lavender, valerian, licorice root, and silky-sweet lime flower.


Price: $28.44

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16. Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 

​​When sleep is in such short supply, comfort is key. Help her make the most of her 40 winks with a luxurious silk pillowcase. Normal pillow covers suck out the moisture from your hair throughout the night, making them dry and frizzy. These satin silk pillow cases will feel extremely smooth against the skin and will prevent the hair from knotting and getting frizzy in the morning. Satin silk never absorbs facial and hair moisture. Hence, she will wake up with healthy skin and shiny hair. 


Price: $12.99

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17. Under Door Noise Blocker 

If the dad is working in the living room, attending work calls then the noise from the living room can wake the baby and the mom up in the bedroom. Hence, this under door noise blocker is extremely helpful. This under door draft stopper foam is 2 inches in diameter, which is larger than most foams and can cover more door gaps! It holds foam cylinders on opposite sides of a door, creating an airtight, draft-proof seal. This seal keeps the cool air from the air conditioner inside and prevents hot air from entering. It also prevents outside noise from entering as well as tiny bugs like cockroaches from slipping into the bedroom so the mama and baby can sleep without fear. 


Price: $19.99

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18. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet 

Stress and restlessness are the main reasons why moms cannot seem to get good sleep. This essential oil diffuser bracelet will help her relax and stay calm during stressful situations. She simply needs to drop 3-4 drops of essential oil she needs in the refill pad. Then she can enjoy the aroma without the oil touching her skin. It comes with 12 refill pads of different colours that will allow her to match her different essential oils and outfits.


Price: $10.99

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Mothers Day 2022 is coming close and it is always best to be prepared in advance with your gift. A mother deserves to know just how loved and appreciated she is, especially if she is a new mom. New mothers usually find it difficult to get a goodnight’s sleep. This mothers day, show her that she is the best with these unique Mother’s Day gifts that will help her sleep at night. 

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