3 Things to discuss with your partner before you get married

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Things to discuss with your partner
3 Things to discuss with your partner before you get married

From choosing the best place for a honeymoon to figuring out the wedding and post-wedding outfits, we all discuss every minor thing with our to-be-husbands or wives. While it is always fun and exciting to discuss all these things with your partner, what is important is to talk about life.

It is very rare that we discuss how our lives will change post-marriage and how are we going to tackle things in our life.

Here are 3 things that one should discuss with their partner before getting married in order to spend a peaceful and happy life afterward.

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While some of you may think it is too awkward to discuss money before marriage, what you can’t deny is the fact that it’s an important part of life. You need to solve your money matters before you decide to spend the rest of your lives together. Discuss how you both will tackle things, whether or not you will split up the bills, and does it matter if you choose to work or stay at home post-marriage. The more you discuss, the clearer things will be. So, kick the awkwardness and talk about money.


If the two of you are working and your job doesn’t allow you to work from home, it becomes important to discuss who will relocate. While it may be a tough decision, it is important to figure it out beforehand so that none of you have to take a decision in a hurry post-marriage. Evaluate all the pros and cons, do your math and make a wise decision. Make sure none of you is doing it just for the sake of it, do it for your and each other’s happiness and convenience. If it’s difficult to make a joint decision, request your organisation to work from home for some time. This will give you ample time to think and make a decision.

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Sharing the house with parents

Just like any other thing, it is important to discuss whether you two will move out to a new home or share the house with your in-laws. Give it a deep thought, see what works out for you and accordingly decide for yourself and your partner. Most people want privacy and may want to shift to a new house and some may want to enjoy family time. In any case, it has to be your call. So, instead of fighting about, try and understand the other person’s views, appreciate them and then put yours across. 

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Kids? Isn't this the most important... Does the other want kids??