3 Tips for moving on after being cheated in a relationship

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3 Tips for moving on after being cheated in a relationship

Recently you found out that the guy you’ve been dating lied to you about being married. You feel disempowered and violated. Perhaps your partner broke your trust recently and you don't know how to act towards them anymore. Maybe like me, you are still dealing with heartbreak from 9 years ago. Whatever the case may be, all these scenarios awaken the emotions that exist within you.

Emotions are neither right nor wrong, masculine or feminine; they simply exist. We often feel so much in a short time frame and if you are in tune with your emotions, you feel more than what most people feel and that's ok too. Our emotions are sacred and we must always pay attention to them. Many of us shy away from feeling sad, angry or feeling shame because it makes us feel uncomfortable to express our vulnerability to others. We live in a society that has prioritised fake appearances and encourages others to believe that they are happy when dismissing other equally important emotions such as sadness. We are taught to avoid our emotions at all costs.

We need to unlearn this past conditioning by reminding ourselves that having emotions is not a weakness but rather an energy source that reveals our inner godliness. Realising this takes practice but it is possible especially with these 3 tips that will guide you to accepting all your emotions:

Laughter is the best medicine

When is the last time you’ve laughed so hard that tears started rolling out of your eyes? They say laughter is the best medicine and it’s true in many ways! Laughter has healing powers; it has the ability to make you and those around you happy. Our perception of the world becomes brighter when we find something to laugh about. It’s even okay to laugh at yourself! It’s okay to be highly contagious with your joy. In the most difficult times, hearing someone laugh can have a positive impact on you and those around you. Having a humorous perspective has a profound effect on the way you choose to embrace your emotions and accept them in their entirety.

Embrace all your emotions

You are more than just your emotions. Many of us are afraid of being vulnerable with our emotions because we are afraid of allowing others to define us by them. We don’t want our partners to see us cry because we are afraid of being judged for feeling sad, anxious or filled with grief. Accepting our emotions starts with being mindful of who we are as human beings. It means being in the present moment and acknowledging our existence as human beings. If you are experiencing any type of dark emotion, allow yourself to unravel what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it. Consider the intensity of your emotion and go through the motions without attaching yourself to what you’re feeling or making a premature judgment that others may form a negative opinion about you.

Treat others as you would treat yourself

Be fierce in your love, forgiveness and compassion for yourself. Accepting your emotions brings you to the centre of peace and tranquillity within you. The energy from your divine self nourishes you to be a version of yourself that releases your full potential to the world and beyond. Be kind to yourself and share kindness with others. We are sensitive and spiritual beings who experience energies and emotions every day. By acknowledging ours we teach others to share in the glory because emotions are something that should be celebrated as it is our greatest gift.

About the author: Devina Kaur is an inspirational speaker, radio host, producer and author.

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Anonymous : in the first place why give this much importance to some one to rule over your feelings and emotions .? maintain mental distance and your own self respect in any relationship and you will never be broken .
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