3 Zodiac signs in astrology who are the BIGGEST heartbreakers

Heartbreak is an intensely painful situation. We don’t want to see anyone going through this suffering. But some people might get us into such situations and they are known as the heartbreakers. So, here are 3 zodiac signs who are the biggest heartbreakers of all.
Heartbreak and Zodiac Signs  3 Zodiac signs in astrology who are the BIGGEST heartbreakers
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Heartbreak is a painful situation that leaves us sad and depressed. It feels tough to handle the breakup, forget the person and move to start our life with a new beginning. In astrology, there are some people who are known as the biggest heartbreakers. When they are in a relationship and it gets broken up, then they are responsible most of the time. And these people can be recognised by their zodiac signs. So, here are 3 zodiac signs who are the biggest heartbreaker. 


Sagis are the biggest adventurous people of all zodiac signs. They are independent, free-spirited people whose first priority will always be travelling. So, they don’t want to get tied down and being in a relationship feels similar to them. So, even if Sagittarians get into a relationship, after sometimes, they feel suffocated and trapped in it. As a result, they break up with their partner. 


It’s another free-spirited, independent zodiac sign. People of this sign often get aloof from the world and love to get indulged in their own space. Relationships, family, friends don’t really bother them. They are more into doing philanthropic activities. So, when they feel that they cannot do anything for the society, they will leave the bonding. 


Leos always thrive on attention. No matter what, they want to be on the spotlight, be pampered, appreciated, loved, and desired. But it’s not possible for someone to give all their attention every time to one person only which makes Leos irritated. So, when they cannot enough attention from their partner, they won’t think twice for breaking up.

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