4 'Bench Dating' red flags to watch out for

Here are four "Bench Dating" warning signs to avoid

Updated on Aug 08, 2022 06:45 PM IST  |  125.5K
Bench dating
4 'Bench Dating' red flags to watch out for
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Ever met someone who seemed interested in you but wasn't ready to commit? They might be holding onto you merely as a final resort. There is a chance that you will be benched. In the context of sports, "putting someone on the bench" refers to their ineligibility to participate in the game. They are therefore "benched" until they run out of talented players. However, in partnerships, you'll be left waiting around for them to call you in to play when your partner becomes worn out by all the possibilities in his life.

So, if you'd rather not have anyone play any game with you at all, here are some indications that you're being benched so you can withdraw.


1. They make broken promises

It can be difficult to handle when your partner betrays a commitment they've made to you, and it can really shatter your world. Whether the promises are big or otherwise, they are developing a pattern in your interaction with your partner and leading to your benching. Your partner is obviously keeping you away from the shore if they give you justifications for not responding to texts, cancelling dates, or not giving you time.

texting other when online

2. They are busy texting others when online

When someone ignores your texts, it can be really annoying. But when you see that individual online, your annoyance intensifies. You might text them out of curiosity, but it's obvious they don't want to respond. You even end up sending them a second text to see if they react, but you still get no response. So, people, it has to be said that if someone is not interested in you, they won't text you back.

3. They don't make commitments until the last minute

Do you feel like you can't get him to make a commitment? Benchers prefer to have as many options as possible. It's equivalent to selecting which party to attend. They might have casual flings, one-night stands, or just put you on the flip side as someone to hang out with periodically at the pub instead of settling down with a significant partner. You are the backup, and they will have a list of their choices in order before you. 

they never come around

4. They never come around for you

They're never there for you. They can't show up for you the way you would like a possible mate to be there. In times of need and when you are vulnerable, you really want them by your side, but they will ghost you. When you need him the most, he disappears from your life. One moment he's all over you like a rash, the next all you get is that.

You should be alarmed if you see that this strange behaviour is happening more frequently. This constantly misleading approach is undoubtedly problematic and is unlikely to work well for you. 

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