4 Healthy ways to give your partner space

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4 healthy ways to give your partner space

Being in a relationship or in a marriage, sometimes we don’t realize that our partner needs space. We often misunderstand this with something going outside of the relationship. This can stir up a lot of insecurities. There are so many thoughts and worries that come to our minds. But you need to understand that giving space to your partner is completely normal and needs to be tackled with just as much patience and sensitivity. Before jumping onto any conclusions, you just have to line up your positive thoughts and ensure that the point is being addressed without any offence.

Here are 4 ways to get it started without any worry of losing them.

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1. Avoid taking it personally

Before you think of parting your ways or jumping onto any conclusion, just take a moment to realize that relationships can be overwhelming sometimes. You need not blame yourself or your partner for the rough patch. You have to change the focus of the interaction by putting yourself into your partner’s shoes and then think. This is the time when you show what this relationship really means to you.

2. Refrain from reaching out too far

Once you have decided to offer space to your partner, make sure you stick to it. This is the time where you are supportive of your partner in a healthy way by walking away in a subtle manner. This way they know that you are there for them if they need you and don’t have to worry about making you feel neglected.

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3. Do your own thing in the meantime

It is always a good idea to make some time for yourself and refresh. While you are at it, you can make a point of establishing some new hobbies that’ll serve as an excuse to spend time apart. You can even visit your friends or even consider separate chill- out routines. This time apart can be rejuvenating for both of you- allowing you to value and appreciate each other’s presence in lives.

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4. Decide time frames

Saying and clearing it out to your partner that you need some time off for so many particular hours or days is still better than just ghosting on them or maybe saying, ‘I need some alone time, Bye.’ This leaves them hanging which can create a sense of doubt and anxiety in your partner. And even if something is very serious and needs an extended amount of time, maybe a month or two, then you can always consider taking a break from the relationship.

So, before hitting the panic button, make sure you give your partner the freedom they need to come back and share their thoughts at their own pace.

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