4 Mindful steps to get your partner to listen to your complaints

When two people are in a relationship, they may have certain complaints against each other. They should let each other know about them with these mindful steps.
4 Mindful steps to get your partner to listen to your complaints4 Mindful steps to get your partner to listen to your complaints
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Two different people make a couple in a relationship and it is very normal to have problems between them. They are different from each other with different values, choices, preferences and habits. Hence, they may sometimes clash with each other. You may not like certain things about your partner and vice versa.

However, if you let that person know about it then things can be better. So, first, you have to let your partner know about it. But you may face problems to get your partner finally listen to your complaints against him or her. So, you can take help from these steps.

How to get your partner to listen to your complaints finally?

1.First have some free time to have a one-to-one conversation with your partner so that you can express your true feelings. Without showing rage or fighting, talk about the things that you have complaints about. Be calm and soften your voice tone while talking to your spouse.

2.Be specific about the things you are talking about. Don’t talk about other things not related to your complaints. Talk about those things which matter, bother you and are a big deal.

3.Ask your partner how he or she can fix these things. They cannot behave as you want them to, but certain adjustments are possible to rectify those things because you cannot change the entire personality, but some negotiations can be done.

4.But your partner cannot only fix this alone. You also need to make certain changes from your side. Because your partner may also have certain complaints about you. So, ask them about that and promise your partner that will try to change those things which are bothering them. Your partner will be happy to see your initiative and will also attempt to change.

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