4 Signs he is getting comfortable in the relationship

Do you feel your partner has reached a point in the relationship where he is absolutely comfortable around you? Then look out for these 4 telltale signs to know if he feels secure and safe in the relationship and is ready to let go of those defense mechanisms.
4 Signs he is getting comfortable in the relationship 4 Signs he is getting comfortable in the relationship
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A new relationship can be exciting and thrilling. It brings with it a sense of romance and affection. One glimpse of your partner is enough to give you those butterflies in the stomach! While a new relationship also comes with its own set of challenges, it also brings a lot of happiness. 

There comes a point in your relationship when both of you get comfortable enough with each other to let go of the superficialities and simply be yourself. So here are 4 signs to look out for to know when your partner has become increasingly comfortable around you and is here to stay!


He can say anything to you


He has reached a point in the relationship when he can say and discuss anything with you. From sharing his vulnerabilities and insecurities to expressing his disagreement with some of your thoughts, he is comfortable enough to be himself around you and be truthful.


Silence is not awkward anymore


Remember those awkward moments when you two wouldn’t have anything to say but would somehow try to bring up a completely insignificant topic just to keep the conversation going? Well, such things don’t happen anymore! He is comfortable around you even in complete silence and there is no need for him or you to desperately deal with the awkward silences.

He isn’t always dressed up


At the start of the relationship, he would always be well-groomed and dressed up and would be increasingly conscious of his appearance. But now he is comfortable enough to roam around in those sweatpants or boxers around you as now he feels secure enough to not care about such superficialities. 


He texts you without a particular reason


He no longer needs a reason to text you. He has reached a point where he can text you just because he wants to talk to you and misses your presence. There isn’t any motive or purpose for him to text you.


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