4 Signs she is developing feelings for you

Girls can be as mysterious and shy as guys. They can often give you mixed signals and confuse you. So if you feel that a girl is attracted to you, then look out for these 4 sure shot signs to know if she likes you more than a friend.
 4 Signs she is developing feelings for you 4 Signs she is developing feelings for you
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You hang out with her all the time and when you are not together, you are texting each other. She understands you, makes you laugh and gets you like no one else. The only thing is that you have feelings for her and don’t know if she feels the same for you or not. Girls just like guys can be protective about their feelings.


They can be discreet and can shy away from openly telling you what she feels for you. They can, however, give you subtle hints to let you know that they like you. So here are some telltale signs to look out for to know if she is developing feelings for you.

She takes interest in you


She is curious to know more about you, be it about your interests, hobbies, likes or dislikes. She is eager to know you better and takes interest in you. She asks you questions and listens to you and pays attention to your responses.


She teases you


She might tease you by playfully making fun of you or cracking jokes. If she takes jabs at you and teases you a lot, then it is a definite sign that she is developing feelings for you, as when a girl teases you, it is because she likes you and is comfortable enough to joke with you.


She always texts you 


When a girl is interested in you, she will take the effort of initiating the conversation. If she likes talking to you and is attracted to you, she will make sure to constantly stay in touch with you.



She is vulnerable with you


When someone is vulnerable with you, it is because they trust you enough to confide in you. When a girl shows her vulnerable side to you, it is a sure shot sign that she is developing feelings for you and feels safe and secure around you.


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