4 Signs you are getting manipulated in a relationship

Here are 4 signs you are being manipulated in a relationship.

Updated on Mar 30, 2022 02:04 PM IST  |  553.9K
Manipulative relationship
4 Signs you are getting manipulated in a relationship
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Trust, understanding, and mutual respect are the foundations of a healthy partnership. This is true in both personal and professional interactions. People will sometimes try to take advantage of these aspects of a relationship in order to benefit themselves in some way. Emotional manipulation can show up in a variety of ways. They’re often hard to identify, especially when they’re happening to you.

Here we suggest 4 different signs of manipulation in a relationship.

boundaries are being breached

1. Boundaries are being breached by your partner

If you set a boundary, anyone who tries to cross it should be avoided. When you tell your partner what you are or are not ok with, they can either answer "Fine, I can live with this" or "That's something I can't live with, I'll leave. You may be able to reach an agreement on some issues, but you should never feel threatened or coerced into doing so.

2. You are being gaslighted

Gaslighting is a misleading technique that causes you to doubt the reality of the abuse you're experiencing in your relationship. When your partner says or does anything to purposely upset you and you confront them afterwards, gaslighting occurs when they make you doubt whether the incident actually occurred. When you confront them, they'll gaslight you in order to make your worries seem insignificant and keep control.

bad worries

3. They make you feel bad for expressing your worries

If you ask a question or make a suggestion, an emotional manipulator will almost certainly respond aggressively or try to engage you in a debate. This method allows them to exert control over your actions and choices. They might even try to make you feel guilty for voicing your concerns in the first place.

red flags

4. You try to ignore the red flags

The first red flag can be a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right, or the fact that you keep doing things you don't want to do. You can try to ignore your feelings and tell yourself that everything is fine. Let's say you're upset that whenever you ask your date to meet, he constantly favours his friends. When you bring it up with them, you'll see that they soon grow irritated. The conversation then moves on to how you look to have ruined his time with his friends by starting a brawl. As a result, you forget what you were going to say and try to appease them instead.

Although everyone adopts manipulation tactics now and then, some people utilize them in relationships on a regular basis. Change is possible, but it must be initiated by the other person. This is why it's important to prioritize yourself and devise strategies for establishing clear boundaries.

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