4 Signs you are HAPPY being single

Who says singlehood has to be sad and lonely? Look out for these 4 telltale signs to know if you are finally enjoying your singlehood and loving every minute of it!
4 Signs you are HAPPY being single 4 Signs you are HAPPY being single
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Society has brainwashed us to believe that being single is a bad thing. The moment you tell someone you are single and not ready to mingle, they look at you with suspicion and judgement in their eyes and wonder what’s wrong with you! But sometimes, it is therapeutic to be single and believe it or not, people can be happy all by themselves.


It is not necessary for you to jump from one relationship to another just because you fear being single. Consider these 4 signs if you feel that you are not ready for a relationship right now and are better off being single.


You enjoy your independence


You like the idea of doing chores on your own and not being answerable to anybody. You are self-sufficient, independent and are finally able to live life on your own terms.


You finally have time to focus on your goals


You are diverting all your energies towards your personal and professional goals. You are working hard to be the best version of yourself and are living a wholesome life.


You are discovering yourself


You are learning something new about yourself every day. You finally are enjoying your own company and are craving solitude, when you are with people.

You like your freedom


You are enjoying the luxury of being able to do whatever you want, meet whoever you want and whenever you want, without taking into consideration your better half’s feelings or plans.


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