4 Signs you have a controlling partner

At times, if your partner is controlling, they may also be great at manipulating you and hiding their toxic behaviour. So look out for these 4 signs to know if your partner is controlling and dominating.
4 Signs you have a controlling partner
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Usually, you imagine a controlling person to be aggressive, physically violent or a bully. But more often than not, the people who are controlling and dominating don’t really display any such behaviour. They are quiet and subtle in their approach.


They are good at covering up their behaviour and will somehow trick you into believing that since you are too weak to manage things on your own, they are doing you a favour by making the decisions on your behalf. Watch out for these 4 subtle signs to know if you have a controlling partner.

They make you feel guilty


They are master manipulators and can make you feel guilty even when you have done nothing wrong. If you, for example, have a contrasting opinion to their’s, they will make you feel sorry about it and will trick you into believing that it is you who has a flawed opinion. 


They isolate you from your family


The easiest way for them to dominate and control you is to leave you with no supporters. They will make efforts to distance you from your family and friends and will brainwash you into disliking your loved ones.



They are overly jealous


Sure, when your partner is jealous you might initially feel loved and flattered. But once it starts to become unhealthy, scary and obsessive, that’s when there is trouble in the paradise. If you have a controlling partner, they will blame you for being too flirty or for leading people on, even after the most harmless kind of interactions.


They make you feel unworthy


They will constantly make you feel that you are not enough. They will belittle your achievements and will make you feel stupid, silly and unworthy.


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