4 SIMPLE ways to handle rejection

Updated on Jul 15, 2021 08:20 AM IST  |  176.2K
4 SIMPLE ways to handle rejection

Rejection, be it on the personal front or professional, can be hard. You start questioning yourself and your abilities after getting rejected. You may also start feeling that you are unworthy and unwanted. But the most important thing to remember during such times is to not take it personally.


After facing rejection, don’t start doubting yourself or your capabilities and remind yourself that one rejection cannot determine your worth. Have a look at more such ways to deal with rejection.

Acknowledge your feelings


Don’t push your feelings under the carpet and accept and acknowledge your emotions. Don’t try to cover your feelings as this will only lead to you feeling even more miserable.


Don’t be disheartened 


Tell yourself that getting rejected by one person is not the end of the world. Life comes with its own share of struggles and this tough phase too shall pass.

Don’t engage in self-pity


Engaging in self-pity is probably one of the worst things that you can do after facing rejection. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and take the rejection in your stride.


Spend some time alone


Take some time off to spend it in your own company and try to figure out the reason behind the rejection. Try to overcome that reason and take it in a constructive manner.


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