4 Things that can bring you closer to your wife in an arranged marriage

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Things that can bring you closer to your wife in an arranged marriage

Being wed to someone you know little about can be intimidating, but an exciting prospect as you can begin dating your fiancée. Some of you may wish to forge a lifelong friendship with your intended, while there may be those who wish to ignite a romantic relationship. Whether you’ve just gotten engaged to someone special or simply stepped into wedlock, we enumerate the things you can do that shall bring you closer to your wife in an arranged marriage.

wife in arranged marriages

  1. Begin the courtship by wooing your fiancée

Since your partner probably can’t read your mind, you must convey your intentions through your actions. If you seek to start a romantic relationship, then you can woo your mate. A great way to please your lady is to have chocolates or flowers delivered to her. You may also add thoughtful notes just to let her know that you’re thinking of her.

  1. Leave her funny notes

Another great way to break the ice between you two is to leave her funny notes when you’re off at work. Be it a good morning message taped to your bathroom mirror or even a cute limerick you pen for her that you sneak under her pillow; use small gestures to make your everyday life more romantic.

wife in arranged marriage

  1. Show genuine interest in her childhood experiences

An individual’s childhood experiences shape a large part of their personality, so get to know that side of her by asking her about fun moments from her childhood. You could also ask her parents to send across baby pictures of her and add them to a cute little family album you can start with your wife that shall include pictures of your children someday.

  1. Find out her love language

Everyone expresses love in their own way. While some do so via acts of service like cooking for you or coddling you, others use words to tell you how much they love you. Find out how she prefers to express love and offer her your affection in the same way.

Whether you are newlyweds or just engaged using these tips will allow you to build a cherished bond with your lady love.

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