4 Things overthinkers want their partners to understand in a relationship

In a relationship, there are four things that overthinkers want their partners to understand.

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Overthinking in a relationship
4 Things overthinkers want their partners to understand in a relationship

Relationships are hard, and relationships with overthinkers are even more incredibly hard. Overthinking may appear to be a simple problem, but it is far from it. Overthinkers may be difficult to date, but that doesn't make them bad people. However, a relationship with them is fraught with danger. While being an overthinker is difficult, loving one is even more difficult. An overthinker may interpret a phone call or text message incorrectly. Overthinkers may put so much heart and soul into their relationships that they become concerned about the future. They may also end up assuming negative outcomes and jumping to incorrect conclusions, which can lead to arguments with their partners. They do obsess over the minutest of the details.

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To be able to resonate with them, here are four things that overthinkers want you to understand in a relationship to help you better understand your overthinking partner.

1. They seek reassurance

Overthinking is rooted in insecurity. An overthinker wants to know that you still love them. They need to be constantly reassured by their partners in a relationship. Even if the cause of their restlessness is completely unfounded and out of the box, focus on assuring them that everything is fine and that you still care about them.

2. Don’t say anything you didn’t mean

Overthinkers are prone to finding meaning in every word that comes out of their mouth and jumping to conclusions. Just because you have the right to say whatever you want doesn't always mean you should, and this is the rule they follow. If you say something you don't mean, the overthinker may become exhausted and drained because they may become trapped in the loop for no apparent reason for an extended period of time, affecting their abilities. So, before saying anything to an overthinker partner, one must think.


3. Share everything with your partner

Overthinking in a relationship is frequently caused by a lack of communication. Because you haven't spoken with them about it, you have to wonder what they are thinking or planning. Overthinking people can express themselves openly and honestly to a partner who is understanding, caring, and open to hearing their truth. Sharing your personal feelings and thoughts with your partner can help you improve and deepen your relationship.

4. Clear communication is important

An overthinker’s mind is willing to make any possible assumption out of a situation. It is critical to maintaining open and honest communication with them. Addressing an issue and finding a solution, rather than allowing them to dwell on it and spend time upset, is important. Recognize that any fight will hurt them more, and they will beat themselves up to more than you can with silent treatment or hoping they learn. This is because people who suffer from anxiety are harsher on themselves than others, and they internalise everything and take it personally. 

Acknowledge your overthinking partner's emotions and respond with extra care and a hug; it can be resolved to a large extent.

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Jan 14, 2023
yes, i dont need to hear \'youre trying to start a fight\' \'that didnt happen\' \'you\'re overreacting\' \'you\'re crazy\' -sometimes youre wrong, you didnt tell me, you forgot, and it means a lot to me to have an explanation and reassurance that my opinion matters and my hurt feelings are valid, even if you dont think they are. im not creating a story in my head, own your part too.

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